Our Customer Stories

Attest has been used by some amazing companies. Here is a small selection of some our customer stories and what they have to say about Attest.

"Attest has allowed us to really be iterative in our testing. Right from our early ideas, we’ve put the sketches out through Attest to get a steer as to whether the broad idea was working. And we’ve retested each version in its different finished formats." 

Grant Warnock - Head of Business Intelligence

"Once you press go, it’s incredibly quick to start to get answers back from real people. You start to see results instantly."

Steve Dunlop - CEO

Win Pitches and Wow Clients

  • + Take a data driven approach to winning new clients
  • + Demonstrate expertise and impressive knowledge of their target market
  • + Bring new ideas, insights and analysis to clients and targets
  • + Fast, affordable access to privileged data gives you the unfair advantage

"Impressed with the speed and efficiency of the platform, amazing that we had the full quota within a couple of hours."

Brand Intelligence and Tracking

  • + Dive deep on consumer perception, personas, positioning and messaging
  • + Track everything from brand lift to purchase intent
  • + Measure NPS, understand drivers of loyalty and changing missions
  • + No more annual ‘health checks’ with our a ordable always-on brand feedback

"Attest data is key to unlocking richer understanding of our different consumers. It has meant we can think completely differently about segmenting our audience and how we tailor communication to them."

Creative Development & Ad Testing

  • + Explore different designs and creatives for real-time feedback at scale
  • + A/B test ads, packaging, prices and more for products / campaigns
  • + Explore every partnership and co-branding idea to find the best fit
  • + Full creative cycles complete in hours and days, not weeks or months

"Very clear results, with the built-in ability to analyse within insights – really testing what’s driving results, and exploring for new ideas. Attest helps us make important decisions based on facts more frequently, to iterate and explore quickly. Fantastic."

Market Insight & Voice of Customer

  • + Never miss changing consumer behaviours, trends or new market drivers
  • + Build rich consumer profiles for your target segments
  • + Spot opportunities, gaps in the market and latent demand before competitors
  • + Always-on consumer insight so you catch trends as they emerge

"Very intuitive to use, and the results are presented in a format that makes it quick to interpret and find further insights within. Takes the stress, time and cost out of consumer research."

Competitive Intelligence

  • + Know which differentiators consumers actually care about
  • + Track competitor brand awareness and campaign effectiveness
  • + Spot new opportunities and markets before they do
  • + The ability to run always-on intelligence will give you the unfair advantage

"We love this product. The UI is intuitive and surprisingly beautiful for survey software. Quick to set up and easy to navigate around survey results. It's got everything we want, without being full of stuff we don't need."

Marketing & Campaign Planning

  • + Rapid ideation and feedback on campaign ideas
  • + Use consumer data to Improve go to market strategy and channel selection
  • + Credible data for driving PR and content marketing
  • + See the impact of your campaigns both o line and on as frequently as you need

"LIDA has been using Attest for a range of consumer research needs spanning multiple categories and demographic groups. We have been impressed by both the consistently high quality of the results as well as the quick turnaround times - meaning we can source reliable consumer insight for our clients faster and with greater power than ever."

If you’re not winning market share, you’re losing it.

Learn how to get ahead, and stay ahead with Attest.