Premier Foods used meat-free insights to strengthen a partnership with a leading retailer

Premier Foods got the edge over competitors by providing one of their key UK retailers with bespoke insights about the meat-free market.

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Premier Foods is the company behind some of the best-loved food brands such as Sharwoods, Paxo, Bisto and Mr Kipling. Their products are in 93% of British kitchen cupboards but maintaining their position as a favoured supplier for their retail partners requires more than just well-known brand names.

Premier Foods aim to strengthen their relationships with retailer customers by providing them with valuable category thought leadership material and support with strategic direction. They did this with one key retailer by creating a bespoke report on the fast-growing meat-free market – an area Premier Foods themselves are targeting.

We wanted to step up and make sure Premier Foods were unique in the insights we offered, giving us the edge.

Emily Jones, Category & Shopper Strategy Manager, Premier Foods


Using the Attest platform, Premier Foods conducted two surveys. The first questioned the retailers’ shoppers while the second questioned total market shoppers. Respondents were asked about their dietary profiles and shopping habits, digging deep into subjects such as where they buy products, how they find out about new products, and which categories and brands are important for plant-based meals.

The research was conducted quickly, with just two weeks between launching the survey and Premier Foods presenting the results to their retailer. With the data, they were able to demonstrate the impact that addressing gaps in their product range would have, as well as providing them with goals to work towards.

We made it into a really compelling story and showed one of our key retailers what was important to their shoppers and how this differed from the general market.


Through helping their client identify gaps in their product range and improving the shopper journey, Premier Foods were able to strengthen their relationship with a key retailer customer. It’s just one example of where Premier Foods have used Attest to generate primary data and used the insights gained to become category thought leaders.

We’ve been working with Attest for a year and having these surveys has been an absolute game-changer for us. All of our thought leadership reports now have a unique edge with insights bespoke to us.

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