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For research to be effective, we know you need to send it quickly and analyse it effectively. Our platform has cutting-edge features that make drafting, sending and analysing your survey as easy as possible.

Creating a survey

7 question types

Single choice
Multiple choice
Net Promoter Score
Video response (New!)
Open text

Qualifying questions

You can set up qualifying questions in your survey to make sure that only respondents who select your chosen qualifying answer(s) will be shown the rest of your survey.

Question routing

Single and multiple choice questions can be routed, with the respondents’ answers taking them to an alternative path through the survey.

Draft sharing

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your results by sending your survey draft to a colleague or one of our in-house experts for a second (or third) pair of eyes.




Send identical surveys in one go to multiple audiences in multiple languages. And you can easily compare your results side-by-side in your dashboard.

Sample size calculator

Stuck on what sample size to use for your survey? Fill in the fields on our sample size calculator to quickly see what’s the right fit for your upcoming research.

Qualitative insights made easy


Enrich your quant data with Video Responses from your target customers. You get quality verbatim feedback fast, all in the platform alongside your quant studies.

Display logic

Giving you total flexibility on when to show questions. Display questions based on answers that have or have not been selected from questions previously in the survey.

Survey your own audience for free

As well as reaching target customer through Attest, you can send surveys to your own database. And you can do this for free using your Attest account.

Analysing your results

Interactive results dashboard

Easily see your results and interact with the data all in one place, with different chart and visualization options. Filter by demographics to find out what different groups think, or quickly see correlations between responses by filtering on individual answers.

Exporting your results

While our results dashboard is powerful and easy to navigate, there are lots of reasons why you might want to see the raw data. Export your data in a CSV file or convert your results to slides to make further analysis or presentations easy.

See trends over time with trackers

A tracker is a type of survey which can be sent multiple times to the same audience. Your trends page shows results side-by-side so you can instantly spot fluctuations and consistencies over time.



Identify key differences between demographics, questions and survey waves with custom crosstabs. And easily spot important results with the statistical significance feature.

Automated text analysis

Instead of seeing hundreds of individual responses for open text questions that are hard to analyse, immediately see groups of the most common words and what their frequency is.


Enhanced segments

See trends over time with trackers

Create your own segments with a combination of AND/OR/NOT logic to dive deeper into your results and analyse different audience groups.

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