Expert support at every step

Want access to quality insights without the fuss? Our team of experts is here to help get the most out of your research and save time at every step of the journey.

“I was actually really surprised at how much effort and attention ACE gave my team. Consistently, the standard of advice was above and beyond what I was expecting to get.”

Liz Yates, Head of Growth at Oddbox

Who are ACE?

ACE is our Attest Centre of Expertise, our in-house team of research, strategy, and analytics consultants that help you enhance and action your findings.

Supporting our broad client base daily; their dedication and knowledge ensure they can advise you on using the platform best.

How we help our clients

With the ACE team, you can have conversations on strategy, goals and interpreting results. We can also assist with the heavy lifting of survey building, quality control and analysis. There’s no limit on platform support and advice; we’re here to enable your success, whatever your goals are.

Every client has their own designated person to turn to

There is no limit on platform support and research advice

This is all included as standard, no matter what payment plan you’re on

Starting your research

We can help with survey design, guiding questions, structure and recommendations for audience targeting.

Platform onboarding

Onboard all existing and subsequent joining customer team members so they are comfortable using the platform from day one.

Research advice

We offer advice sessions about the platform and guidance for incorporating learnings into future projects.

Quality control

Our quality control checks give you peace of mind that surveys are being completed promptly with the highest quality output.

Quality output

We’re here to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered; asking the right questions related to your desired outcomes will be vital to maintaining a high-quality output.

Progress management

We’ll verify that respondents complete the survey on time, overseeing progress once in the field.


We offer support and guidance, whether interpreting data for key takeaways or areas for further research.

Insights analysis

Our team can walk through the survey results dashboard with you, bringing their years of experience to pick through the fine details and bring added value with practical and comprehensive conclusions.

Insights application

Our team can provide advice on the export if required and help with other areas to examine more closely on later projects.

Meet the experts

The faces behind ACE live and breath research, their passion comes from helping businesses grow through cultivating new insights. They worked with major agencies and brands- having gained experience on major research projects. They’re expert problem-solvers and strategic thinkers who can help guide you in the right direction for results. 

Sam Killip

As a former solicitor, Sam brings a problem-solving mindset to the ACE team; with experience in agency insight teams, she loves how survey data can always tell a compelling story.

Alexandra Aquino

With eight years of research experience, Alexandra’s passion for experimentation comes from being able to help kickstart innovation. Her background includes B2B/Consulting research as well as sales and account management. 

Andrada Comsa

For Andrada, the ability to shape internal strategy, improve products and services, ultimately positively impact the end customer is what drives her work for the ACE team. She brings over ten years of experience within agency/ market research agencies roles.

Elliot Barnard

With a market research background that stretches over nine years, he loves being able to help people research more effectively and finds the most fulfilling thing is when he sees people he’s worked with launching great surveys!

Liam Leahy

Liam’s background was previously on the client experience side; he’s now spent two years on the ACE team. His key motivator is seeing our clients take valuable insights from their results, seeing the impact that feedback will have.

Nick White

Nick has been with us for under a year but has over ten years of experience in the industry. He brings his perspective of working with significant agencies and brands, navigating roadblocks clients may experience from internal stakeholders.  

Nikos Nikolaidis

Before his time on the ACE team, Nikos was at Euromonitor International, for two years. His love of research comes from helping major brands make informed decisions on ideas and projects never previously considered.

What our clients say about ACE

“Their ACE team steps in to help as much or as little as you want them to. They help you think through the order of questions, flag when you may be asking biased questions and seem genuinely interested in your business and outcomes.”

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Got a question for our ACE team?

Reach out via, or ask a question in the in-platform live chat.