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Brand Tracking

Brand tracking provides a regular snapshot of how your brand is performing with your target consumers, relative to the whole market and key competitors.

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What is Brand Tracking?

Validating your business in the market provides you with much-needed foresight to develop and execute marketing strategies with confidence.

You’ll be able to keep pace with the changing consumer landscape; gain competitor knowledge (and advantage!); and quickly make decisions for the benefit of your business long-term.

Brand Tracker

Why do Brand Tracking on Attest?

Built for the ever changing market

Set up your tracking survey, repeat and expand it across different markets, and schedule monthly or quarterly follow up surveys.

Find out the Why behind the data

The results dashboard is completely interactive, so analysing data against key demographic breakouts and specific respondent groups is nice and easy.

Get responses in the ideal format

With access to seven different answer options - including grid, free text, and NPS - you always have access to consumer data in the format that prompts action.

Attest Customer Bought By Many Testimonial Snap
Attest data has allowed us to make the case that we need to do more in brand, we've been able to show that we need to expand there and prove that we need to spend more.

Content Marketing Manager, Bought by Many

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