Measure the ROI of brand building

As marketers, we’re often left in the dark about what’s working and what’s not when it comes to brand marketing. Attest can throw light on this unknown with consumer insight.

“Attest shows us what the ROI of brand work truly is.”

Phil Denington, Creative Lead at Wise

How can brand tracking help?

Track your brand performance

Brand tracking gives you the evidence needed to better understand impacts of brand building. It puts data behind how many potential customers know your brand, whether you’re top of mind and how you rank among your competitors.

Measure purchase intent

How awareness is impacting revenue can be a great unknown. Find out how many of your target audience are existing customers and if not, why not.

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Discover your brand’s perception

Understanding consumer perception of your brand is the key to validating your ideal customer, tracking the health of your brand, and aligning your brand messaging.

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Bloom & Wild

We track shifting key metrics, like awareness and consideration very carefully and also how our brand is perceived… it helps us to identify areas of opportunity

Charlotte Langley, Brand & Communications Director

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