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Where we put people front and centre of your business

Our Mission

Great businesses put consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Our mission is to empower anyone at every business to do this, all of the time.

We believe that if every team had access to unlimited data, the world would be full of better products and services, not to mention happier people.

By simplifying the process of gathering quality consumer data, we’re transforming an entire industry and making research accessible to everyone that needs it.

What would change if your business had access to consumer data, all of the time?

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Words from our Founder

Great companies - those with sustained, standout success - are often the ones that put consumers and data at the heart of every decision. However, this capability has not been distributed fairly; 99% of the questions businesses would love to explore go unanswered. And the vast majority of decision makers that need the right information are unable to access it.
We built Attest precisely to boost, encourage and advance everyone who values real consumer data, replacing the guesswork with facts, for all consumer businesses everywhere.
Jeremy King from Attest