Back your big ideas with data,
not hunches

Execute decisions with confidence, knowing you’re backed by accurate insights from millions of consumers.

Reliable research, without the fuss

Our interactive dashboards, expert-written survey templates and trend trackers make research simple for non-researchers.

Upskill yourself—with a little help

Our intuitive platform does the analysis for you. Plus, you’ll get a designated research expert on-hand to support you whenever you need it.

Tell one story across the business 

Align your team around a true customer understanding and back it up with insights that anyone can grasp. 

Delete ‘doubt’ from your campaigns

With real feedback from millions of target consumers, you’ll know your campaign will be a success before it goes live.

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Smart features, simple outcomes

As well as quick and simple survey building, our interactive dashboard shows results that are insightful and impactful.

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Tracker surveys


Send a survey multiple times to your target audience, and compare the results with Trends to see changes over time.

Answer quotas


Have greater control over your survey sample with quotas based on multiple qualifying answers.

Statistical significance calculator


Compare two groups (e.g. cat lovers v dog lovers) to see if there’s a significant difference in their responses.

research support

We’ve got your back! Whether you’re an insights pro or a research novice, our team of experts will help you and your teams make the most of your research.

  • Every client has their own designated research expert to turn to
  • There is no limit on platform support and research advice
  • All included as standard, no matter what payment plan you’re on
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