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What is Creative Testing?

Creative Testing is the process of trialing the creative elements of your advertising and marketing campaigns with consumers to understand which parts resonate and which are widely rejected.

Good creative tests should:

  • Save your brand from misfiring advertising campaigns and public embarrassment
  • Give actionable A/B results when testing two creatives
  • Indicate the feelings and perceptions of consumers in direct response to your adverts
  • Quantify the memorability of your current creative
  • Maximise advertising and marketing ROI
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Why is Creative Testing important?

All too often we see examples of adverts and creatives that, at best, fail to resonate and, at worst, outright offend or alienate consumers. Creative Testing is a vital step in saving your advertising budget from a dud campaign.


Creative Testing grants you control over the images and audio you publish to the world, in the full knowledge of how these creatives will perform.



When do you need to test creative?

Clearly there is a need for rigorous Creative Testing both in the run up and immediately following the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Creative Testing should also be utilised to illuminate the continued success or stagnation of your campaigns, indicating the lifetime of your creative and the right time to start over.




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Where should you use Creative Testing?


It’ll most likely be the marketing team who use the results of Creative Tests. However the results should also be fed back to the in-house creative team or agency to optimise in preparation for the next campaign.


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