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Our sampling approach gives you the reliable answers you need from the people you’re looking to speak to.

“I’ve seen a really good consistency in the results which tells me that the sample is of a high quality — it’s got that integrity within the data.”

Grant Warnock, Head of Business Intelligence at Nutmeg

We call it a mixed-methodology approach

Every survey is answered by multiple high-quality sample sources. We always ensure that your survey will be matched to its target audience to provide the highest quality results. This means you get: 

data quality

Quality data, with three layers of checks 

Attest has three layers of quality control built into our mixed-methodology approach, both human and machine-learning-led, for consistently reliable data.

diverse audience

Access to the consumers that matter to you

Access to 125 million people in 59 countries means you can reach the niches you need within our diverse audience. Layer demographic targeting and qualifying questions on top, allowing you to speak to hyper-targeted audiences.

broader demographic

Results delivered at the speed you need

Multiple sample sources jump straight into filling your survey, so results come in 3x faster than using a single panel of respondents.

machine learning

No nonsense answers

We have an entire data science team tasked with making the most of your responses. Every survey goes through a fine-tuned mix of:

  • Automatic, machine-learning-led algorithms that understand respondent behaviour.
  • A final human intervention to make sure everything looks right.

Responses that don’t pass our checks are automatically removed and replaced, so you only see the best quality data in your results.

Three types of controls

Our quality controls fall into three categories

3 layers of checks

Impossible checks

Background data and/or answers that cannot be real or valid, including impossible demographic combinations and speeding.


Improbable checks

Combinations of background data and/or answers which lead us to reasonably mistrust the responses enough to remove them, including overclaiming behaviours and non-answer thresholds.

Faster than average

Behavioural checks

Continuous monitoring of all answers provided, including the automatic removal of gibberish and irrelevant open text answers.

100s of providers worldwide

Our surveys are sent to 100s of sample providers around the world. To deliver the best possible quality data for our clients, we put all of them through a quarterly quality measurement program. We only work with providers who produce to our high-quality standards.

Demographic filters
Multiple panel sources

Don’t waste any more time

Insights delivered at speed are crucial for spotting trends in real-time, reacting quickly and staying relevant in the market. With our mixed-methodology approach, surveys fill 3x faster than using a single panel, meaning the average Attest survey takes less than 2 days to fill. 

The proof

We put our in-house team of data scientists onto the task of answering our customers’ key questions and compiling the results in one place.

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