Benefits of our mixed-methodology approach to sampling

Benefits of our mixed-methodology approach to sampling

In this report, we’ll spill the beans on our mixed-methodology approach to recruiting and rewarding our valued research respondents. We’ll also go into the additional layers of quality control that we apply to your data, to make sure your insights with Attest are as good as they can be.

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What’s inside?

  • Who makes up the Attest audience?
  • How do respondents receive our surveys?
  • How our data is more accurate, and not skewed by outlying opinions
  • Why responses through Attest come in three times faster than a single-panel source
  • How we access a broader and richer demographic coverage

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They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. And that couldn’t be more true of consumer research. When your business is making strategic decisions, consumer data can remove guesswork from the process by giving you the foresight that your decisions will resonate with your audience. But only if you’re reaching the right consumers can you have the confidence you need to base decisions on that data. How useful the results of any consumer research is relies on two main factors:

  1. Reaching the consumers whose opinions matter to you and your brand
  2. The quality of the answers they provide

So, when you’re looking for a consumer research tool, these two factors should be high on your list of requirements. It’s not surprising, then, that here at Attest we get asked about our audience reach and quality all the time. We thought best to put our in-house team of data scientists onto the task of answering our customers’ key questions and compiling the results in one place.

We have our own, cutting-edge methodology for inviting respondents into our surveys that’s proven to produce more accurate – and faster -results, from a broader range of consumers than other methodologies commonly used by other online consumer research platforms. By taking advantage of the latest technology we’re able to be more efficient and faster in our efforts to recruit survey respondents.

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