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Thursday 11th May at 10:30am

    In our next webinar, we will demonstrate how you can use Attest to analyse the motives and feelings of your client's audience to create industry leading campaigns.



Jeremy King

Founder & CEO

Runs the show, particularly helping customers, adding new ideas, growing the team, and redefining how this industry works. Previously at McKinsey, Harvard Business School and involved in a range of startups, Jeremy loves all sports, has a secret wildlife obsession, was originally a scientist, and is also a NED at REAch2 (one of the UK’s largest Education Trusts).


Alex Rees

Head of Digital

Growth nut and habitual tester. Few things get Alex more excited than spreading the word on Attest. Previously at Ocado, recently presiding over a year of record breaking growth in customer acquisition. Alex is a passionate if not particularly gifted guitarist and recently became a dad for the first time.


Sarah Leviseur

Junior Product Manager

A tech novice, hoping to catch up quickly & bring a fresh perspective to the team. Recently graduated, Sarah wants to squash the industry belief that millennials are unpredictable: businesses have just been looking for answers in the wrong way.

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