The Consumer Insight Platform

The Consumer Insight Platform

Empower your team
with answers to their burning questions in real-time. Send surveys to any audience and make better business decisions.

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Total Responses


Reachable Audience



Create any kind of survey
in minutes

We’ve made it ridiculously easy to create and send surveys. Choose a template or start from scratch.

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Choose a preset audience or customise your own

Drill down and filter demographics to speak to
the exact people you need to reach.

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Your data made beautiful

Cut the cake however you like. You can even follow up with the same people, or equally send to unique people from the same demographic.

What can it be
used for?

You can do everything from A/B testing to free text feedback. Iterate your ideas and even follow up with the exact same people who answered in a certain way.

A/B Testing

Put your assumptions to the test. See how your creative options compete against one another.

Brand Perception

How does your target market perceive your brand? How do you perform against your competitors?

Win Pitches

Validate your ideas and impress your clients with reliable data to support your claims.

Consumer Surveys

What do your customers think about your product? Do they understand what you do?

Future Feedback

Gather inspiration from new customers within your market. See what a set of fresh eyes think about your product or service.

Product Market Fit

Does your audience understand your product? Test your assumptions and generate accurate results.

Consumers don't bite. Bad decisions do.

Empower your team with the answers they need to make the right decisions