Market and Brand Intelligence
for Commercial Leaders

Market and Brand Intelligence
for Commercial Leaders

Impartial, reliable data direct from consumers to measure, manage and maximise your brand. Dive deeper with our bespoke market intelligence,
so you can consistently make better commercial decisions.

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Proactively Manage
Your Brand

What do consumers think about your brand? Do they even know it? What do they like and dislike about your competitors? How do you measure up on NPS? Which drivers really matter?

We can answer all these questions and more.

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Pssst. We're not a social listening tool, or an annual brand tracker.

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Dive Deeper with
Market Intelligence

What does your next market leading product look like? How are consumer preferences changing? How should shifting technology adoption reshape your channel mix? What else does your team ask week-in, week-out?

We can help you stop guessing and start knowing.

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Your data made beautiful

All our products are delivered through a powerful, intuitive analytics dashboard that lets you dive deeper, visualise key insights and cut the data however you like. It’s fully interactive so you can follow up with consumers, and see results in real-time.

Customer Reviews

  • "Attest data is key to unlocking richer understanding of our different consumers. It has meant we can think completely differently about segmenting our audience and how we tailor communication to them."

    Joanna Christie

    Global Brand Director @ Treatwell

  • "Very clear results, with the built-in ability to analyse within insights – really testing what’s driving results, and exploring for new ideas. Attest helps us make important decisions based on facts more frequently, to iterate and explore quickly. Fantastic."

    Nick Green

    Head of Sales @ Deliveroo

  • "We love this product. The UI is intuitive and surprisingly beautiful for survey software. Quick to set up and easy to navigate around survey results. It's got everything we want, without being full of stuff we don't need."

    Sarah Bourke

    Marketing Manager @ Carwow

  • "Very intuitive to use, and the results are presented in a format that makes it quick to interpret and find further insights within. Takes the stress, time and cost out of consumer research."

    Matt Chapman

    Strategy Manager @ Fever Tree

  • "LIDA has been using Attest for a range of consumer research needs spanning multiple categories and demographic groups. We have been impressed by both the consistently high quality of the results as well as the quick turnaround times - meaning we can source reliable consumer insight for our clients faster and with greater power than ever."

    Oli Kunze

    Head of Commercial Consumer Insight @ LIDA & M&C Saatchi

  • "I love the simplicity of Attest. It's a great new way to rapidly gather highly specific and actionable feedback from consumers at reasonable cost. This is really valuable as existing market research solutions are expensive and require you to source users."

    Aron Gelbard

    Cofounder & CEO @ Bloom & Wild

  • "Attest has introduced us to the plethora of ways in which we can discover more about customers. Finally a smart analytics tool which makes it easy to actually use data efficiently!"

    Anisa Jamal

    Head of Product Development @ Simply Cook

  • "A thousand thank yous. 200 targeted survey results in such a short time is just amazing. The data and consumer insights from this have validated both our core product, and our pricing. It turns out we were under pricing by a substantial margin. Just in time for our next round of funding."

    Douglas Bell

    Founder & CEO @ Epic Hostels

If you’re not winning market share, you’re losing it.

Learn how to get ahead, and stay ahead with Attest.