Why 100% of GoCardless’s product & feature launches leverage pain points

Learning about consumers’ payment challenges has enabled GoCardless to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing conversations

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GoCardless needed a way to define and quantify consumer pain points, so that they could provide products that address the payment challenges they face and more effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition. 


Siamac Rezaiezadeh at GoCardless found Attest and set about researching the areas in which customers encounter issues during payments. The team established pain points across the payments process spectrum; from the cost businesses incur for payments, to international coverage and more. 

Attest’s simple platform has enabled the GoCardless team to find out a really wide range of crucial information about our market quickly and reliably. The platform gives us the confidence to run market research that we know will reveal or compound actionable knowledge about our market.

Siamac Rezaiezadeh, Director of Product Marketing at GoCardless

With the help of Attest’s Customer Research Team, GoCardless ran their research across five markets globally. 

The Attest team has been extremely helpful in assisting us to bring together surveys from many different geographies and merge them into a really useful, cohesive set.


key pain points identified


value proposition articulation


of product & feature launches now leverage research


Consumer data has now become an embedded part of the way GoCardless continue to offer customers industry-leading products and features. 

One-hundred percent of our product and feature launches are backed with data. This enables us to launch products in a much more sophisticated way, with full confidence that what we’re offering customers is useful and valuable.

Discovering the real-life challenges their customers face has also been a gamechanger for sales conversations. They now use a value proposition articulation framework called ‘the 8 dimensions of payments’.

With the data, we notably improved the maturity of our value proposition articulation, which we were then able to pass to our sales team. Before using Attest, that framework was used in around 5-10% of sales conversations; after using Attest it’s used in 25-30% of sales conversations

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