Be part of something special

We’re a startup with massive growth opportunities and super exciting technical challenges. Attest is backed by Episode 1 Ventures: the investors behind LoveFilm, Zoopla, Betfair, Shazam and many other great startups. We're building the world's most powerful consumer intelligence platform; aiming to permanently change an industry.

Complex technology, but with surprisingly simple and powerful interfaces. We help organisations (including companies and charities) and customers (real people) engage with each other, to create better products and services, explore ideas, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction.

Where we're at

We started Attest in April 2015, working with >30 companies to develop the products, with a lot of strong support and endorsements. This includes several FTSE 100 businesses, plus some really interesting SMEs. Users love our products. We’ve just been running MVP launches; we asked for 3 words about our initial versions, and here’s what users said: “Enjoyable easy trustworthy”, “Amazing wonderful perfect”, “Sensational, unique, fresh”, “Excitement, happiness, surprise”. Not words typically associated with research, which is how we achieve high engagement and quality results.

The Team

We have a very flat, non­-hierarchical and friendly team approach. You’ll be working with an experienced team, including two seasoned engineers who love what we do and have excellent complementary skills. Technical decisions are made with careful and quick consideration at Attest, so you can utilise the latest, most innovative technology; allowing you to always learn and progress. We have a fully working product, built on scalable and highly ­automated infrastructure; the platform is yours to build, the way you know is right, with freedom on the decisions / issues that support the direction you choose.

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Work in style


We're hiring talented, self-starters. Own your work stream and work with
smart people.

2k Equipment Budget

We give you a healthy budget to spend on whatever equipment you need to get the job done.

Flat Team

Because this is a product team made up of ego-free human beings, not soldiers
in the military.

Competitive Salary

Money isn't everything, but it's still important. We also offer significant equity options for the right person.

Team Outings

Work hard, play hard. We often go out for lunch and on fun team outings.

Unlimited Drinks

We're based in WeWork, so that means unlimited free tea, coffee and ice cold beer.

Open Positions

We don't have any vacancies right now, but we're always on the lookout for smart, talented people. Say

(No recruiters, please.)

Our Tech Interview Process

  • 1. 30 minute Phone Call

    You'll speak with one/two members of the team, we'll learn more about each other and you can ask any initial questions you have.

  • 2. Coding Exercise

    We'll send you a brief for a challenge we've designed to better understand your approach to front and back-end development. It's a broad brief so you get a good chance to show off your skills.

  • 3. First Face-to-Face Interview

    We'll talk through your coding exercise, then we'll work on an architecture challenge (we're very interactive and love to whiteboard), discuss our vision and answer any questions you have.

  • 4. Final face-to-face Interview

    We'll work on a real problem together, pair programming a solution which should be enjoyable and help establish how well we can work together. You'll meet the whole team and get a good feel for the business and atmosphere.

If you’re not winning market share, you’re losing it.

Learn how to get ahead, and stay ahead with Attest.