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Lessons in B2B2C: Givaudan Active Beauty uses market analysis and category research to empower sales conversations and grow market share.  

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Joining a newly formed Consumer & Market Insights (CMI) team, Project Manager Justine Catala sometimes faced difficulties with the data quality and pricing structures and sought out a better option. That’s what brought her to Attest. 

Justine relies on consumer insight to underpin the product strategy and sales enablement for the Active Beauty division at Givaudan. 

The insights generated create a strong differentiation for Givaudan against their competitors in each of their active markets, allowing them to uphold their status as ‘the partner of choice for their customers.’

If you don’t meet the expectations of the final customers’ needs, then there are plenty of other partner options that they can turn to, especially in the world of cosmetics. To win new business, you have to be on trend. You have to respond to what consumers need and are looking for. So you must know them, through research.

Justine Catala, Consumer & Market Insights at Givaudan


Market analysis and category research allowed Givaudan to listen to consumers and either gain validation on their current ingredients and claims or unveil new trends to act upon and differentiate against the competition. This in turn provided confidence in Givaudan from their buyers. 

It is widely known that Chinese consumers are drawn to scientific ingredients… One surprising discovery we found among our various studies was that Chinese consumers were the ones claiming to buy the most organic or natural products. This felt more like the French or Brazilian profile, but actually Chinese consumers are buying these a lot.

And the data quality concerns? With three layers of data quality checks and a pricing structure that only charges you per quality response attained, Attest provided them a good solution. 

It is what we were looking for in terms of data quality and we are now more comfortable to ask open-ended questions. It is better because it provides us with more in-depth insights that  we can present to our internal teams and then onto our customers.

More informed sales conversations

Customer validation for product launches

Upholding status as the partner of choice


Customers come to Givaudan Active Beauty for their strong scientific knowledge about their ingredients, but also, as Justine explains, “consumer insights give us that additional added value, and ultimately help win projects.”

Primarily, CMI are able to help upskill sales representatives, providing them with clear intelligence to inform important conversations with customers and prospects. The research also helps in focusing sales around certain products at certain times, according to the trend of the moment, and the specific region of focus. 

It is a way to empower the sales conversation. It is a plus point to help differentiate and win the contract in the end.

Find out how you can gain consumer insights to get ahead of your competition with market analysis and category research.

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