How Organic Valley cut NPD costs by 10 times

US farming cooperative, Organic Valley save time and money by using quantitive analysis for new product development.

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As director for consumer insight at US farming cooperative Organic Valley, Tripp Hughes is constantly working with his team to help them uncover insight to fuel new product development (NPD).

Hughes had been acting as the funnel through which all requests for insight came but he wanted to find a way to empower brand managers to conduct research for themselves. He was looking for a self-service consumer survey platform that would be accessible to non-experts.

For a lot of our day-to-day work we had been using other tools that weren’t necessarily user-friendly, easy to use or intuitive. We were looking for a tool with a fairly rapid turnaround and I wanted my team to be able to use it themselves, I didn’t want to have to go out and hire somebody else.

Tripp Hughes, Senior Director of Consumer Strategy at Organic Valley


After seeing Attest demoed at a conference and being impressed by its audience capabilities and ease of use, Hughes brought in some of his peers to take a look.

They found it intuitive as well. And so we’ve started using Attest whenever we’ve got a quick problem we need to solve.

The team at Organic Valley have used the Attest platform for a wide range of research needs, including market analysis, concept ideation and testing, creative testing and messaging testing.

We can use it for almost any type of quant analysis. We’re able to get a quick read so we know we’re on the right track as we’re moving through the phases.


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Hughes estimates that being able to make quick initial learnings through Attest saves Organic Valley between 10 to 20 times what it would cost to make the discoveries later down the line.

The impact is coming in reduced time and improved next-round thinking that we’re taking into focus groups where we’ve got a high cost factor. If we don’t go in with the right materials and the right framework, we’re wasting money. And so Attest has helped us do a lot of the front-end work that then we’re able to go and build on.

The solution has enabled everyone who needs insights within Organic Valley to be able to access them in a matter of hours (not the four weeks it used to take).

I think the key thing here is the democratization; it’s not entirely on me as an insights director. I can set it up so that some of our younger associates can start to dive in and construct their own surveys. And, honestly, for me as a director, that’s powerful because there aren’t a lot of ways they can do that.

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