9 of the best brand management tools and software for 2023

Looking for brand management tools? We review 9 of the best and explain why they should be in every marketer's tech stack.

Brand management software gives marketers the tools to design, deliver and measure the perception and awareness of a brand. All brands should track their brand performance—and their competitors’—to make sure you stay on top of changes that might affect your customer acquisition and retention.

With the right brand management tools, you can control your brand both locally and globally, giving every market the attention it needs.

There’s a big range of brand management tools out there, each with its own variety of features and functionalities. Some tools are used to create effective roadmaps for brand managers, agencies, and partners to follow. Others provide a centralized database of brand assets to ensure brand consistency. Some tools offer features such as social listening and data gathering to track the impact of marketing on brand awareness and brand reputation

Here, we review nine top brand management tools for 2023 (including our own, of course!) and explain why they should be in every marketer’s tech stack.

1. Attest: brand tracking made fast and easy

Attest’s brand tracking software helps marketers and companies to better understand how their brand is performing. With brand tracker survey templates that you can customize to fit your needs, it’s easy to track factors relevant to your brand. And because Attest gives you access to 125 million consumers across 58 markets, you can gather high-quality insights in record time. With the data you collect, you can: 

And much, much more. Compared to other methods, Attest stands out by also allowing you to measure how consumers feel about your brand. This comes in handy when measuring brand equity based on your brand’s relative strength in a particular market. 

Measure your brand awareness with quality insights

From broad marketing impact to zeroing in on niche consumer insights, Attest surveys are tailored to what your brand needs to know – reach 125 million+ real people in 58 markets.

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Attest has created this software to help businesses better understand the ROI of brand building. Marketers love how easy-to-use the software is; thanks to its interactive and visual design, it couldn’t be simpler to find actionable insights in your survey data.

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2. Brand24: keep track of your mentions on social media 

This software is one of the major players in the social listening space. Brand24 gives businesses instant access to mentions of their brand across all social media platforms, publishers, and blogs. From a LinkedIn post to a big publication, you’ll immediately know who’s talking about you. It’s the go-to tool for marketers who are responsible for their brand’s reputation management and have to act quickly.

Social media works as a two-way street, and Brand24 helps marketers ride it smoothly. When used effectively, it allows marketers to engage with comments and mentions of their organization in real-time. This helps countless organizations make sure existing and potential customers and followers have a great experience with quick follow-ups and answers to their questions. 

But there’s more behind Brand24. The tool also provides data for analysis and gives customer success teams the ability to follow up on negative comments before they turn into more serious PR issues, to keep their online reputation spotless.

3. Extensis Portfolio: execute your brand strategy in the most organized way possible

Are you looking for a central cloud-based brand portal to manage all your branded company materials and messaging? Meet Extensis Portfolio; a must-have tool for companies trying to get a grip on their social media management and the large quantity of brand strategy content that comes with that.

Extensis Portfolio is the perfect solution for teams working on brand identity from all over the world: here you have a place for it to come together. 

When it comes to digital asset management, Extensis Portfolio ticks a lot of boxes. It includes a bespoke image measuring system as well as a repository for all other asset types, including fonts. Extensis lets you streamline and schedule Digital Asset Management processes from one well-organized tool – wherever your team members are working from. 

It’s an excellent tool for small teams as well as larger enterprises. No matter the size of your team right now, your marketing assets will grow over time if you’re consistently putting out content. Even when your collection grows big, you’ll still be able to find what you need in seconds, since Extensis Portfolio allows you to apply relevant keywords and metadata. This lets you organize and search your assets quickly and efficiently. 

4. Falcon.io: a social media tool for any business

Falcon.io is a great content management tool for creating automated ad campaigns and social media marketing in general. It allows social media marketers (but also business owners taking control themselves) to create paid and organic posts for all their social media networks in one place. It’s a popular tool for big e-commerce players, as well as small businesses who go hard on social media. 

In your dashboard, you get access to a collaborative content calendar that improves workflow and gives clarity to social media campaigns. With that calendar, your team can easily collaborate and plan the right marketing materials for your upcoming campaigns. You’ll never miss an important post ever again. 

And if that’s not enough, you can set up and automate complete marketing campaigns in an instant.

Having one place where all content comes together, Faclon.io helps marketing teams stay on top of their brand guidelines’ consistent use. The tool does many other things, but it is the tool’s ability to increase productivity and quality of social media campaigns that allows it to stand out from a very noisy crowd.

5. Cision: manage your earned media better

This brand insights tool makes earned media more manageable. Cision was developed to help you identify relevant influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories, and measure your marketing strategy’s impact. 

When it comes to earned media, it often comes down to increasing your public relations outreach and building stronger relationships. Cision not only has the established media connections you need to grow your brand; with Cision Connect, you also get access to a database of new media and social influencers that has more than 1.4 million contacts.

The tool also comes with smart reporting and data collection features. Plus, Cision gives you the ability to monitor social mentions in real-time. This is an amazing tool for reputation management, helping you reach, target and engage your audience in the moments where it matters. You get a better understanding of your brand’s reputation, looking at what they claim to be ‘the most complete collection of global online news, blogs, social, print and broadcast channels.’

6. Reputology: automation lets you respond to reviews when it matters

Looking for a brand management platform that will help you turn your followers into fans? Meet Reputology. Their name is a great indication of what they focus on: your online reputation. Every feature you can find in the app is dedicated to tracking and improving that. 

Brands and businesses know that the customer experience goes beyond their store, restaurant, or even website. How they reply to messaging on social media and incoming reviews completes the experience. 

Reviews play an important role in brand management, so any list of brand management tools wouldn’t be complete without a market-leading tool for managing reviews. Thanks to Reputology, you’re now able to monitor reviews in real-time, as well as respond to reviews across multiple platforms, all from within the app. No more searching for passwords to log in to your business accounts to get that reply out quickly.

Apart from being an important tool for brands, it also helps customer success teams to analyze customer sentiment. Their semantic analysis technology can review unstructured content and structure it into actionable insights, so your team members can take immediate action.

7. MomentFeed: make search engines work for your local business

Brand management doesn’t just take place on a national, online, or global level; it’s also important to be focused on your brand at a local level. That’s where MomentFeed comes into its own. With an intuitive interface, this software allows you to understand exactly where your brand is showing up in “near me” searches and gives you insights into how to increase your visibility and drive revenue.

The platform specializes in mobile-local searches, especially non-branded data. Mobile search constitutes 70% of searches and is growing. Making sure you have optimum visibility is critical.

Moment Feed is a marketing solution that is great for small businesses who depend on customers to find them on the go, such as restaurants and hospitality businesses. 

8. Frontify: Building an engaging and immersive brand experience

SaaS company Frontify is here to help you increase your brand consistency and clarity. With their all-in-one brand management software, you can streamline your day-to-day branding and marketing efforts. Businesses of all shapes and sizes trust their brand assets to this tool, and there’s a good reason for it. 

In their easy-to-use brand portal, you can manage all your digital assets. You can create curated collections and categories, automate tasks, and set asset approval lanes for smooth distribution of your content. Moreover, Frontify allows you to collaborate with your teammates, helping you boost productivity.

9. Bynder: brand asset management software for all your creative content

Bynder‘s DAM provides you with complete access to all of your digital media files. In their easy-to-use portal, you’ll find a simple yet complete solution for building, organizing, evolving, and distributing your brand guidelines. It’s the place where everything comes together and where teams can collaborate, ensuring that every piece of content they reproduce adheres to their brand guidelines.

The main mission for Bynder is to get everyone in your organization on the same page. That makes it the perfect tool for big companies with teams who all need to use your content. Bynder will help you stay on brand, always.

Gain vital brand insights with Attest

It doesn’t take an entire agency to gather the best brand data – just the right tool. Our built-in survey templates and easily tailored demographic filters are here to help you measure your branding strategy in real time.

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Finding the brand management solution that fits your needs

There are tons of brand management tools and asset management systems on the market right now. Which one is right for you depends on your strategy, the goals you have set out to reach and the pricing that suits your budget.

Having the right Martech stack is essential, and, hopefully, this list has helped you identify tools that your brand could benefit from. If you think Attest might be one of them, why not book an introduction to the platform?

Sam Killip

VP Customer Success 

Sam joined Attest in 2019 and leads the Customer Research Team. Sam and her team support brands through their market research journey, helping them carry out effective research and uncover insights to unlock new areas for growth.

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