Top 9 market research companies in Los Angeles (LA) for customer insights

When markets are as volatile as they currently are, it’s more important than ever that you make business decisions based on quality consumer insights, rather than guesswork. 

Working with a top-notch market research company is the key to getting the insights you need to give customers what they want and create success for your business. 

And if you’re based in Los Angeles, CA, you might want to know where to go for reliable market research and consumer insights. We’ve compiled a list of the top market research companies in LA—check them out below!

Company nameNumber of employeesYear establishedPrimary niche(s)Use cases
Attest160+2015– Food and beverage
– Beauty
– Fintech
– Fashion
– Retail
– Media
– Technology
– And more!
– Market analysis
– Creative testing
– Consumer profiling
– Brand tracking
Westat3,300+1963– Clinical Research
– Education 
– Public health
– Behavioral health research
– Biomedical science research 
– Clinical trials
Marketing Maven49+2009– Sports
– Baby
– Security
– Finance
– Market research
– Public relations
– Web design
– Creative branding
Bastion Insights 49+2009– Insurance
– Cosmetics
– Wholesale
– Wine
– Market segmentation
– Product and concept testing
– Product viability 
– Brand tracking
Veridata Insights26+2019– Government 
– Education
– Non-profits
– Survey programming 
– Online data collection
Antedote11+2012– Food processing
– Pets
– Nutrition & hygiene
– Software and technology
– Brand positioning 
– Internal engagement programs
– Concept crafting 
– Portfolio development
Map & Fire9+2015– Health beverages
– SaaS
– Small businesses
– Cleaning companies 
– Brand strategy
– Customer research
SmashBrand9+2009– CPG
– Food and beverage
– Hemp extracts
– Convenience stores
– Brand strategy
– Packaging design
– Package testing
Ready to Launch Research6+2014– Advertising
– Electronics
– Education
– Non-profits
– Beauty
– Online communities research
– Mobile research 
– User experience testing
– Focus group discussions

1. Attest

Attest is a market research platform that combines expert advice and support with a cutting-edge self-serve platform that delivers fast and reliable insights whenever you need them. 

Attest market research platform

With Attest, gathering reliable consumer insights becomes the easiest part of your job! You can reach 125 million people in 59 countries to carry out market research for customer profiling, branding, concept testing, and so much more.

You won’t need to wait around for an agency to deliver results—surveys with Attest close in 1 day 19 hours on average. And the intuitive results dashboard turns data into insights so that you can easily see the juiciest findings from your market research. 

But you’re not alone with Attest—the Customer Research Team is here to help! If you’re new to market research, they’re here to give you advice on how to craft the perfect survey and get genuinely useful results. And if you’re a research pro, they’re your second pair of eyes to help you make sure your surveys hit the spot.

Attest has offices in New York City and London and has lots of top-brand customers in Los Angeles. 

  • Number of employees: 160+
  • Primary niche(s): Beauty, fintech, fashion, food and beverage, media, technology, and more!
  • Use cases: Market analysis, creative testing, consumer profiling, brand tracking

Get reliable consumer insights FAST!

Make smarter decisions backed by consumer insights you can trust—with Attest! You also get designated advice on your surveys and results from our Customer Research Team.

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2. Westat

Westat LA market research firm logo

Westat is a market research company focused on businesses operating in the education and healthcare industries. It’s a 100% employee-owned brand that delivers research services in social policy, health and education. Their specialties include survey research, technical assistance, and statistical sciences. 

By combining traditional quantitative strategy with science-based tools, Westat is able to help businesses uncover the right data and overcome a variety of business challenges. They use AI-assisted systems for interviews and machine learning to give companies actionable insights and help them grow. 

Their experience in the social sectors makes this agency a great market research partner for businesses operating in those spaces. 

  • Number of employees: 3,300+
  • Primary niche(s): Clinical research, education, public health
  • Use cases: Custom research, surveys, and analytics, behavioral health research, biomedical science research, clinical trials

3. Marketing Maven

Marketing Maven market research and PR firm in LA

Marketing Maven is a full service communications and marketing agency. Based in both Los Angeles, CA, and New York, Marketing Maven has turned into a premier voice in social media relations and brand strategy, as well as in market research and event marketing. 

The agency offers full service market research as well as email marketing and public relations, making them a fantastic partner for a diverse range of clients. 

Their portfolio includes big clients like Kingston Technology, the National Women’s Business Council and Baby Trend. 

  • Number of employees: 49+
  • Primary niche(s): Sports, baby, record management, security, finance
  • Use cases: Market research, public relations, web design, creative branding

4. Bastion Insights

Bastion Insights LA market research company

Working with brand giants such as Audi, CKE, Georgia Pacific, Toyota and Twitter, Bastion Insights is recognized for their research solutions and deep human understanding. Previously known as Bastion db5, the company customizes its research services based on your needs. 

Bastion Insights uses a rich portfolio of research methods with strength in pricing, copy testing, customer journey, segmentation and brand tracking. So far, they’ve conducted over a million interviews across 48 countries and conducted thousands of shop-alongs, ethnographic, and focus groups. 

  • Number of employees: 49+
  • Primary niche(s): Insurance, cosmetics, wholesale, wine
  • Use cases: Market segmentation, product and concept testing, advanced analytics, product viability, and brand tracking

5. Veridata Insights

Veridata Insights market research company logo

Veridada Insights is a highly-rated market research company that analyzes complex data using quantitative and qualitative methodologies, such as surveys and online focus groups. The team aims to deliver budget-friendly, rapid services that take a holistic approach to market research, giving your business a competitive edge.

Veridata is one of the top market research companies offering B2B audience research and analytics, all presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard. They have a massive global reach for survey research requiring complex international audiences. 

  • Number of employees: 26+
  • Primary niche(s): Management, politics, education, non-profits, government, consultancy
  • Use cases: Consumer research, survey programming, dashboards, analytics, online data collection

6. Antedote

Antedote market research company

Antedote is a strategy consultancy company that delivers market research insights. It does so by combining high-tech, in-depth qualitative research, and a variety of quantitative market research methods. Antedote frequently uses next-generation technology, led by a collaborative and agile team of experts. 

Working with this market research company you can uncover data from various sources through user research, scenario planning, and cultural research. The company creates innovation roadmaps and helps with product and portfolio development. 

  • Number of employees: 11+
  • Primary niche(s): Food processing, pets, nutrition and hygiene, software and technology
  • Use cases: Brand positioning, internal engagement programs, concept crafting, portfolio development

7. Map & Fire

Map & Fire brand growth company in LA

Map & Fire was ranked as one of the top branding and customer research agencies in Los Angeles and California by Clutch. With their help, you can get a complete brand strategy guide based on data collected through surveys, interviews, and other quantitative and qualitative market research methods.

Using a plethora of market analysis tools Map & Fire works to identify the needs and motivations of your consumers and craft unique messages to appeal to your audience. Their key clients include Emory University, Zengig, Microfiber Wholesale, Interlaced and Eleviant Technologies.

Map & Fire’s market research services are especially suited for small businesses looking to expand their reach in Los Angeles. 

  • Number of employees: 9+
  • Primary niche(s): Health beverages, career help, SaaS, digital transformation, cleaning companies 
  • Use cases: Brand strategy, customer research

8. SmashBrand

SmashBrand Los Angeles market research company

Our Los Angeles list would be incomplete without this renowned brand founded in 2009. SmashBrand is a known marketing partner trusted by companies like PayPal, Duracell and Walgreens. 

SmashBrand specializes in CPG market research and assists businesses with packaging design and testing. What do your consumers want to see on packaging? SmashBrand delivers these insights by running focus group testing at every decision-making junction and testing designs with real consumers.

For CPG market research, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an agency that delivers better results. 

  • Number of employees: 9+
  • Primary niche(s): CPG, food and beverage, hemp extracts, convenience stores, energy drinks
  • Use cases: Brand strategy, packaging design, package testing

9. Ready to Launch Research

Ready to Launch Research based in Los Angeles

Ready to Launch Research is a renowned market research agency that can help businesses optimize their strategies for the customer-led world of today. They serve a variety of industries with digital, quantitative and qualitative research strategies. 

Their services include surveys, creative testing, in-depth interviews, shop along, and focus groups to give you the data your business needs. Offering its services on the US market, Ready to Launch has moderated over 3,000 productive sessions at this point. 

This is a company that drills down on the basics of tried and tested methods, with the assistance of modern tools.

  • Number of employees: 6+
  • Primary niche(s): Marketing and advertising, electronics, education, non-profits, beauty
  • Use cases: Online communities research services, mobile research, user experience testing, ethnography, interviews, focus group discussions

What makes a great market research company?

Top research companies offer more than just surveys. They’ll use various market research tools to gather strategic data, analyze insights in detail, and provide you with actionable next steps based on data—not assumptions.

Whether you are looking for market research agencies in New York, Los Angeles CA, or in other parts of the US, there are certain non-negotiables to take into consideration.

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Easy to work with

The purpose of using professionals to assist with market research is to give you better access, more actionable data, and of course, make things easier for your business. If using the agency is complicated and you need to jump through endless hoops to get the results you need, you haven’t made the right choice.

Expert advice and support

A good agency will bring a range of skills and expertise to the table that you’re currently lacking. You should be able to rely on them at every step to get the most out of your investment. With a versatile, quality company, you can get expert advice and support from an in-house team of consultants that will help you action the results to get your insights.

Global reach

A great market research company will give you access to a wide audience of consumers to collect data. 

It’s not just about the number of consumers that the agency uses to collect your data—it’s about versatility, too. Ideally, you need an agency that will give you a high representation of the group of people you want to access. This combined with in-platform demographic filters and qualifiers allows businesses to target their specific audience. 

Guaranteed data quality

Great market research companies will allow you to customize research demographics, giving you accurate information about your targeted audience. With quality brands using their services and a good reputation, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality, relevant data that will benefit your business. 

To make sure that the data is of high quality, companies need to conduct various checks. For example, Attest has 3 layers of quality control built into our approaches. We use machine learning as well as human insight to offer consistently reliable data.

Wide portfolio of services for business growth

It’s not just about creating and sending out a survey to gain some insights. A great market research company will provide you with much more than this – and be with your business every step of the way. 

If you use a highly-ranked market research company, you’ll benefit from the following services and features:

  • Tracking your brand’s health and performance
  • Consumer profiling to give you a better understanding of your audience
  • Creative testing using qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Scoping and new product development
  • Market analysis

Fast and accurate insights

It’s super important to get your market research results back quickly so that you can make smart decisions when they really matter. And that’s something you should look for in the market research companies you look at.

A great market research company will have a global database of survey respondents and the means to process, organize and analyze data quickly.  

Choose the best partner for market research

There you have it—the top market research companies in Los Angeles serving diverse industries with vital consumer insights. Why wait to get started?

If you’re ready to transform your business, conducting powerful market research is now easier than ever with Attest’s easy-to-use platform and team of research experts . 

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Who is the top market research firm in LA?

The top market research companies in Los Angeles, CA based on all criteria, pricing, as well as reputation are Attest, Westat, and Marketing Maven. Get in touch with Attest’s market research experts for more info!

What are the benefits of working with a market research company?

A market research company has the tools and expertise to uncover the most valuable data for your business. A good market research company will help you learn more about your customers and their habits, decide on your branding, learn more about the market and the competition, and determine the potential of your new products.

What do market research companies do?

Market research companies have the main role of collecting data to help your business. They’ll help you run consumer profiling to learn more about your audience, creative testing to tell you if your branding resonates with the consumer, and market analysis to provide information about your industry and market.

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Customer Research Lead 

Nick joined Attest in 2021, with more than 10 years' experience in market research and consumer insights on both agency and brand sides. As part of the Customer Research Team team, Nick takes a hands-on role supporting customers uncover insights and opportunities for growth.

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