Top 17 market research companies in the United States (US) 

Your company can’t navigate the constantly changing marketplace without understanding business landscapes, consumer needs, or buying habits. Market analysis is key to how you find and capitalize on market trends before your competitors do. You can start by outlining research goals and needs. But let’s be real, making data-driven decisions is a whole lot easier with top market research firms by your side. 

The right market research agencies, platforms and companies do more than just surveys to offer actionable insights so you can make smarter decisions for business growth. They make consumer research easy with strategic zero-party data collection, comprehensive data analysis, and intelligent insights. 

If you’re tired of searching through market research companies in the United States, this article leads you straight to the best ones out there.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top US market research companies:

US market research firmLocationFoundedPricing (if applicable)
AttestNew York City & London2015More on pricing
BixaAlexandria (Virginia)2012Available on request
SuzyNew York2017Available on request
RemeshNew York2013Available on request
PollfishNew York2013Starts at $95
Ascendant Consulting FirmMiami (Florida)2010Available on request
IsurusLawrence (Massachusetts)2000Available on request
Ready to Launch ResearchLos Angeles (California)2014Available on request
AntedoteSan Francisco (California)2012Available on request
B2B InternationalBoston, Chicago & New York1998Available on request
IpsosNew York1975Available on request
DynataPlano (Texas)1940Available on request
NielsenNew York1923Available on request
WestatRockville (Maryland)1963Available on request
Forrester Research ServicesCambridge (Massachusetts)1983Available on request
MomentiveSan Mateo (California)1999Available on request
Veridata InsightsDallas (Texas)2019Available on request

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1. Attest

Attest market research survey company

Attest is one of the top market research companies in the US. This consumer research platform lets you collect data from 125 million diverse respondents in 59 countries. You can use Attest to do market research for branding, consumer profiling, market analysis, and much more! 

Every Attest customer has access to expert research advice from their in-house Customer Research Team. Whether you’re new to research and need some guidance, or a research pro looking for a second pair of eyes on your market research project, Attest’s Customer Research Team is here for you.

Besides speedy surveys and quick responses, this platform features an intuitive results dashboard that turns data into mesmerizing stories. You can also send surveys on a recurring basis to spot changes in responses or compare data from two groups. Plus, expert advice is only a click away when you aren’t sure about choosing market research tools or reaching market research goals.

Attest has been really instrumental in driving home the reality of the consumer need, and surfacing that it is much harder to get a younger demographic to engage with pensions.

Georgie Burks, Head of Brand Marketing, Penfold

Trustpilot relied on the Attest market analysis solution to research consumer attitudes among marketers and engage them in eight key markets. Here’s what they think about the value Attest brings.

We were thinking about how businesses could look within their reviews and understand what was important to their consumers, but we didn’t actually know what the most important things consumers cared about were. So we decided the best way to find out was just to ask consumers themselves.

Gillian Harris, Global Marketing Program Manager, Trustpilot

Location: London

Founded: 2015

Pricing: Pricing on request

Best for: 

  • Market analysis: unlocks new market opportunities
  • Brand tracking: measures brand health and performance
  • Creative testing: validates the creative impact of ad campaigns
  • Consumer profiling: dives deep into existing and future customers
  • New product development: tests product ideas or marketing messages with your target market

Get reliable consumer insights fast with Attest

With Attest you get high-speed insights, so you can make informed decisions when they matter. And you get designated research advice from the experts in the Customer Research Team—they’re with you at every step of your research journey!

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2. Bixa

Bixa is a market research studio specializing in mobile youth research and custom UX research services. Their qualitative and qualitative research offerings are best for those trying to validate new markets, gather product feedback, or understand the target audience better. 

Bixa US market research company

They make marketing research a breeze by completing the entire cycle of participant recruitment to report delivery in three to four weeks. Besides conducting customer surveys, user testing, and mobile ethnography, Bixa also offers market research consulting for companies looking to jumpstart their product and marketing research.

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Founded: 2012

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • In-depth interviews
  • Product research
  • Hyper-profitable targeting
  • Customer surveys
  • Usability testing
  • Website and app review
  • Team coaching

3. Suzy

Suzy market research platform

Suzy is a leading qualitative market research software with iterative research capabilities. Its end-to-end consumer insights platform offers qualitative insights into complex research questions. The best part is that you can get real-time data from Suzy’s proprietary audience of one million consumers. On the other hand, Attest offers a larger audience in more countries, making it ideal for those with market research campaigns spanning the globe. In addition, Attest provides designated advice from experienced researchers for all customers.

Suzy offers qualitative research solutions such as product development, advertising, shopper and behavioral insights, and tracking and measurement. Industries ranging from finance to media use Suzy to improve business performance through qualitative studies.

Location: New York

Founded: 2017

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Concept testing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer profiling
  • Positioning strategy
  • Shopper and category insights
  • Tracking research services
  • UX design research

4. Remesh

Remesh US market research company

Remesh is one of the top market research firms in New York City. They offer artificial intelligence-driven research solutions to companies looking to streamline qualitative and quantitative insight discovery. This marketing research firm makes it easy for companies or governments to speak to thousands of customers or citizens at the same time. Then it analyzes interactions and opinions to offer key insights. 

Market researchers use Remesh to get actionable feedback on product ideas, messaging, and packaging from online focus groups. You can also use their online surveys to improve employee listening and boost corporate reputation. 

Location: New York

Founded: 2013

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Ad testing
  • Concept testing
  • Packaging testing
  • Civic engagement
  • Consumer insights
  • Collective intelligence
  • Employee engagement
  • Shelf placement testing
  • Product issue identification
  • Employee experience and engagement

5. Pollfish

Pollfish market research software platform

Pollfish is a modern survey research platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you create surveys in seconds. This DIY market research company helps you gain real-time insights from over 250 million consumers worldwide. The platform also comes loaded with cutting-edge technology capabilities for dynamic sampling and random device engagement.

Attest is a great alternative to Pollfish for conducting primary market research. Attest’s platform detects bad-quality responses that contain non-relevant, incomplete, and conflicting answers. Additionally, Attest is much easier to use and provides advice from experienced researchers.

Location: New York

Founded: 2013

Pricing: Starts at $95

Best for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand perceptions
  • Advertising testing
  • Logo testing
  • Brand diagnostics
  • Product concept testing

6. Ascendant Consulting Firm

Ascendant consulting firm for market research in the US

Ascendant Consulting Firm is one of the best in the marketing research industry. They specialize in competitive intelligence, consumer insights, and market feasibility services. With 95+ years of collective experience in market research analysis, they help you make data-driven business decisions for business expansion, market entry, and assessments. 

The team at Ascendant is also adept at advanced quantitative analytics suitable for financial and strategic marketing analyses. Other key capabilities include full service market research, survey design, and secondary data research. 

Location: Miami

Founded: 2010

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • White label research
  • Product market research
  • Market opportunity evaluation
  • Survey reporting and analysis
  • Employee experience and satisfaction research
  • Consumer attitude, usage, and trends research

7. Isurus

Isurus US market research services

Isurus offers bespoke market research services to B2B and technology companies. This market research company leverages multiple statistical analysis tools to help you gain a 360° understanding of markets and decision-makers. Moreover, they also make it effortless for you to evaluate competitors for competitive advantage or validate market opportunities. 

Business software, manufacturing, and financial services companies rely on Isurus to keep a pulse on what customers want and find the right pricing strategies. The team at Isurus can also help you with brand tracking and creative performance testing. They specialize in quantitative, qualitative, international, and secondary research.

Location: Burlington

Founded: 2000

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Persona analysis
  • Competitor profiling 
  • Pricing strategy research
  • Brand perception research
  • Market segmentation research
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Market assessment and planning
  • Brand audit, tracking, and management

8. Ready to Launch Research

Ready to Launch Research market research agency based in California

Ready to Launch Research is a California-based market research agency that serves a wide variety of industries with qualitative, quantitative, and digital research strategies. Whether you want to quantify consumer behavior or get qualitative consumer journey insights, they have the expertise to handle all your needs.

They leverage the following research methods to get you the insights you need.

  • Surveys
  • Shop along
  • Creative testing
  • Online discussions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Home use test (HUT)
  • Focus group moderation

Ready to Launch Research serves many dynamic industries ranging from pet to education to consumer electronics. Once you reach out to them with research requirements, they’ll get in touch to know more details and design the research process.  

Location: Los Angeles

Founded: 2014

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Focus group discussions
  • Advertising research
  • Online communities research services

9. Antedote

Antedote US market research consultancy

Antedote is an innovation consultancy that delivers strategic market research insights by combining data science, in-depth research, and next-generation digital tools. What makes them different is their ability to use different qualitative and quantitative research tools instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. 

The team at Antedote helps you uncover insights in various areas such as user research, cultural research, and scenario planning. You can also partner with them for creating innovation roadmaps or concept development and visualization. Antedote’s plug-and-play approach means you have an agile and collaborative team that makes problem-solving easy with guidelines and blueprints. 

Location: San Francisco

Founded: 2012

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Brand positioning
  • Concept crafting
  • Demand space segmentation
  • Internal engagement programs
  • Price and proposition optimization
  • Product and portfolio development
  • Workshop design and facilitation

10. B2B International

B2B International market research agency

B2B International by Merkle is one the largest market research agencies in London, with several locations in the United States. This market research company serves B2B companies looking to gather business insights and intelligence. They can help you with customer loyalty testing, pricing effectiveness, and market size analysis. 

B2B International also specializes in delivering research services for go-to-market strategy, customer journey mapping, and voice-of-customer surveys. Their experience of working across different industries ranging from chemicals to media to logistics makes them uniquely qualified for B2B market research. 

Location: London (with offices in Boston, Chicago and New York)

Founded: 1998

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Market sizing research
  • Customer journey research
  • Thought leadership research
  • Product and proposition research
  • Customer research and segmentation

11. Ipsos

Ipsos market research company for US and international market research

Ipsos is one of the top market research companies trusted by top brands and companies across the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Besides market strategy and innovation services, Ipsos also offers marketing management analytics, brand health tracking, and advisory services. 

With tailored market research solutions for every need, Ipsos helps you optimize brand positioning, discover shopper journeys, and understand consumers. The team can also help you with product testing, package research, and creative idea assessment. Other services include brand health tracking, employee engagement research, and channel performance optimization. 

Location: Paris (with locations in New York)

Founded: 1975

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Mystery shopping
  • Brand health research
  • User experience study
  • Innovation and forecasting
  • Social intelligence analysis 
  • Creative development and assessment

12. Dynata

Dynata market research data platform

Dynata is a first-party data platform that helps you gather and analyze business intelligence for efficient decision-making. Their platform streamlines the entire research workflow so you can focus more on insights. Dynata lets you ask questions to their proprietary 67 million consumers and visualize those responses effortlessly. 

The Dynata insights platform lets you build surveys for concept testing, creative testing, and ad-hoc market research. Other research services include market segmentation, brand health monitoring, campaign measurement, and voice of the customer surveys. With real-time dashboards and research reports, Dynata makes it easy for you to gain useful data insights. 

Location: Plano, Texas

Founded: 1940

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Creative testing
  • Survey authoring
  • Digital ethnography
  • Online research panel
  • Online qualitative research
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Brand performance tracking

13. Nielsen

Nielsen US based market research company

Nielsen is a global data, analytics, and audience measurement company that offers bespoke research solutions to help you discover audience intelligence across channels and platforms. This market research company divides its services into four core categories:

  • Media planning
  • Content metadata
  • Marketing optimization
  • Audience measurement

Audience measurement is all about using quantitative and qualitative research to discover shifting habits of audiences. Media planning, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive understanding of competitive intelligence, audience segmentation, and scenario planning. Marketing optimization research services help you analyze and boost campaign performance. Finally, content metadata improves customer experience with easy audio and video content discovery.

Location: New York

Founded: 1923

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Scenario planning
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Audience segmentation
  • Cross-platform audience measurement
  • Marketing campaign performance analysis

14. Westat

Westat US market research company

Westat is a 100% employee-owned market research company that delivers superior quantitative and qualitative research services in transportation, health, social policy, and education. They specialize in survey research, statistical sciences, and providing technical assistance. 

Westat’s expertise in integrated data collection strategies helps them create focus groups, run web surveys, and create questionnaires for finding the right data. Plus, they use a research-driven communications framework to engage audiences effortlessly. They also use machine learning and artificial intelligence-assisted interviewing systems to solve your research challenges. 

Location: Rockville

Founded: 1963

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Custom research
  • Clinical trials
  • Survey and analytical needs
  • Biomedical science research
  • Behavioral health and health policy research

15.  Forrester Research Services

Firrester Research Services is a US based market research company

Forrester Research Services is the market research wing of the global research and advisory firm Forrester. Their customer-obsessed approach helps companies turn their strategic research needs into reality. They currently offer market research services to companies in technology, sales, B2B marketing, product, B2C marketing, customer experience, and digital business space. 

Forrester offers research services in the following domains:

  • Sales operations optimization
  • Marketing strategy formulation
  • Competitive market intelligence
  • Product lifecycle process research
  • Corporate communications strategy
  • Integrated campaign strategy planning
  • Business change management strategy
  • Customer insights collection and analysis
  • Customer acquisition and retention research
  • Route-to-market configuration and optimization
  • Account-based marketing and demand generation research 

Location: Cambridge

Founded: 1983

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Public sector research
  • Sales and product management 
  • Customer experience analysis
  • Digital business transformation
  • B2B and B2C marketing research

16. Momentive

Momentive AI market research platform

Momentive is an artificial intelligence-powered market research platform that helps you gather on-demand customer and market feedback for actionable insights. This market research company is known for its agile experience management solution that lets you better understand markets, competitors, or even internal teams.

Their purpose-built market insights solutions offer you actionable insights from consumer panels. You can also decode buyer attitudes, understand consumer segments, and monitor buyer preferences. Mometive’s AI solutions also make it easy for you to conduct customer experience research, track product experience, and transform employee engagement. 

Location: San Mateo

Founded: 1999

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Ad testing
  • Market sizing
  • Idea screening
  • Industry tracking
  • Shopper insights
  • Customer effort score
  • Mobile app experience 
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Customer segmentation
  • Post-purchase experience
  • Product and price optimization
  • Custom market research services
  • Employee engagement and retention

17. Veridata Insights

Veridata Insights US market research company

Veridata Insights is another top-rated market research company with recruitment capabilities to serve 100+ countries. Whether you want to analyze complex data with quantitative methodologies or need qualitative insights, they can help you with it all. 

The team at Veridata Insights strives to deliver stress-free, budget-friendly, and timely research services that keep you ahead of the competition. Apart from their proprietary technology and global reach, they’re known for data quality and panel strength. They can also help you gather business intelligence with data processing and easy-to-understand dashboards. 

Location: Dallas

Founded: 2019

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Consumer research
  • Online data collection
  • Survey programming
  • B2B audience research
  • Dashboards and analytics

Break into your US target market with Attest

Choosing the right agency isn’t easy, especially with so many players in the market research industry. Businesses often struggle with finding one that delivers accurate and valuable insights while simplifying their findings. Plus, the biggest challenge is targeting the right audience that matters to your business. 

Attest solves all these problems by letting you handpick the target audience you want to reach. You can use filters and quotas to filter the most appropriate audience from 125 million people in 59 countries. Moreover, the platform empowers you to run surveys that bring in results in days instead of weeks. With hybrid research and a three-layer data quality check, you’ll never have any nonsense answers. And you also get to interact with the data, thanks to the interactive dashboard. 

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Senior Customer Research Manager 

Nikos joined Attest in 2019, with a strong background in psychology and market research. As part of Customer Research Team, Nikos focuses on helping brands uncover insights to achieve their objectives and open new opportunities for growth.

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