How Trustpilot proved the value of reviews globally

Trustpilot researched consumer attitudes to brand integrity in 8 markets to create localised reports and engage their key persona of marketers.

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As one of the largest online review services in the world, Trustpilot wanted to explore the role that reviews play in building brand integrity. They set out to conduct a major piece of multi-market research, with the intention of using the findings to create a thought leadership report to engage with marketers.  

We were thinking about how businesses could look within their reviews and understand what was important to their consumers, but we didn’t actually know what the most important things consumers cared about were. So we decided the best way to find out was just to ask consumers themselves.

Gillian Harris, Global Marketing Program Manager


Trustpilot used Attest to run a survey of nearly 15,000 consumers in 8 markets: US, UK, Italy, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany and Australia. They targeted consumers in four specific industries; fashion, finance, home and garden, and tech, and honed in on respondents for whom brand purpose was important. 

We looked at three different areas within brand integrity to try to learn as much as we could. It was the first time I’d used Attest and I found it to be super intuitive and really easy to use. Our account manager was amazing too.

Harris and her team uncovered some interesting findings, including that the way businesses treat their employees is a major component of consumer trust. They also evidenced the value of reviews in building brand integrity.

We asked people what sources they looked at to understand brand purpose. It was particularly interesting for us at Trustpilot to understand if reviews were somewhere people went to figure that out about a business and the results came back saying yes.


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With the help of a thought leadership agency, Trustpilot produced its Brand Integrity Report (localised to each market). The report won coverage from marketing titles like The Drum Australia, and was used for a demand gen campaign. Harris has also presented the research to Trustpilot’s commercial teams to help guide strategy, and fuel sales conversations.

Our biggest persona are marketers. So this will help them understand talking about purpose in their marketing and what consumers want to hear, what they don’t want to hear and where they should be talking about it.

Harris hopes to repeat the research again in the future to see how the trends have changed and keep conversations around the campaign alive.

It’s been quite a different project for Trustpilot, outside of the regular kind of content pieces that we do. We set out to do a truly global piece of research that could be valuable to everybody. And it really has been.

Increased engagement with Trustpilot’s key persona

More effective sales conversations

Improved long-term marketing strategy

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