Top 15 market research agencies London

There are many market research companies out there, but sometimes you just want to work with someone who’s close to home or simply knows the area in which you’re looking to expand. If that area is London, UK, this list is for you.

We’ve collected a list of top market research companies and agencies in London who are the leaders of agency-based market research, all with different specialties and skill sets.

From online surveys to consultancy services, these firms are fifteen different top market research companies for you to pick from. Let’s get started!

AgencySpecialist ServicesPricingAddress
Attest– Brand tracking

– Creative testing

– Consumer profiling

– Market analysis

– New product development
Learn about Attest’s pricing21-33 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EJ
NewtonX– B2B market research

– Campaign concept testing

– Customer lifecycle research
Available on requestLong’s Ct, London WC2H 7HP
Savanta– Market research for B2B & Consumer brands

– Product development

– Political brand positioning research
Available on request60 Great Portland St, London W1W 7RT
Antedote– Business strategy consulting

– Product development and innovation

Storytelling in marketing assistance
Available on request22 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD
The Yard Creative– Customer behavior analysis

– Competitor analysis

– Financial & social performance analysis
Available on requestTHE LEATHER MARKET, 3rd Floor, Studio 9, Weston St, London SE1 3ER
Vision One– Focus groups

– New product development

– Customer satisfaction research
Available on request85 Bayham St, London NW1 0AG
Arlington Research– International market research

– Consumer & B2B market research

– Omnibus question research
Available on request106 Arlington Rd, London NW1 7HP
Kalinax– Big Data expertise

– Competitor and market analysis

– Niche help in tourism, travel, and renewable sectors
Available on request93 Clyde Road, LondonN15 4JZ
Adience– Global B2B research

– Research consultancy

– Specializes in SaaS, Financial services and fintech market research
Available on requestHamilton House, Mabledon Pl, London WC1H 9BB
Hub of China– Best for brands looking to establish a presence in ChinaAvailable on request160, Kemp House, London EC1V 2NX
Full Fat– Brand growth services

– PR and social media

– Campaign creation
$150-199 per hour71 Fanshaw St, London N1 6LA
Catalyst– Internal & external auditing

– Results-led market research

– Lead generation
Available on requestSilverstream House, 45 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 6EB.
Levene Consulting– B2B market research

– International market research

– Market entry
$150-199 per hourDemsa Accounts, 278 Langham Road, LondonN15 3NP
Jump Data– Analytics & data consultancy

– Statistical consultancy

– Face-to-face market research
Available on request3rd Floor, 86 – 90 Paul Street, Hoxton, LondonEC2 4NE
Opinium– Communication and strategy research

– PR research

– Thought leadership services
Available on request24a St John St, London, EC1M 4AY

Back to basics: market research agency v. other market research services?

It’s worth us taking a step back to define what we mean by ‘market research agency’. In its basic sense it’s a firm that writes, conducts and analyzes market research on behalf of brands like yours.

But market research is a spectrum, and many services offer agency-level market research but deliver it in different ways.

An example of this would be… um… Attest. We are not a consumer research agency in the traditional sense, but the expertise and insights you get through Attest are comparable to an agency.

The difference is that where agencies often take weeks or months to deliver your insights, you can gather them through Attest in days. Another difference is in the data quality—most agencies work with one or two respondent panels to gather data, whereas Attest works with hundreds. This makes sure that you’re able to get true insights from a properly diverse and representative sample of consumers, not the limited selection you get with just one or two panels.

And Attest isn’t just a survey platform—you also get designated, on-demand research support from our in-house experts, many of whom have worked at research agencies in the past.

There was no need to have a big agency set up, which you’re paying a big overhead for. And the speed with which you can get from the start to the end of that process is just really, really helpful when you are doing a million things at the same time.

Georgie Burks, Head of Brand Marketing, Penfold

1. Attest

You want to make your big decisions based on facts, not guesses. If you don’t want to follow your gut, but let data and what real consumers are saying lead the way for your business, Attest is the way to go.

Attest brand tracking survey

We’re a London-founded market research platform that lets brands like yours to run reliable and fast consumer research whenever you need to. This gives you fast and highly relevant insights when it matters, and empowers you to control your whole market research process, rather than waiting for an agency to deliver your insights.

We’ve got a team of market research experts—the Customer Research Team—on hand who are always ready to help you ask the right questions, to the right people

Attest product tracker

Attest works for all types of industries and market research needs. From fintech consumer profiling to fashion market research to competitive analysis and market sizing research, Attest is as versatile as market research can be.

If you’re looking for tools for market research that are easily implemented and allow you to do market research fast and far-reaching, check out Attest.

Agency quality insights at tech speed

Get reliable consumer insights when you need them. Attest data is checked by AI and humans, and you’ll get designated research expertise from our Customer Research Team.

See how Attest works

2. NewtonX

NewtonX is a London-based b2b research company that uses AI-driven sources to get to the bottom of niches. They only perform custom searches, don’t re-use any data and guarantee that your research is completely free of fraud.

They provide quantitative surveys, and 1-to-1 consultations, in their Q3 Formula, which mixes qualitative and quantitative research methods and applies them to the same population.

3. Savanta

Savanta is a market research agency in London, United Kingdom that performs in-house data collection and analysis. They work for both B2C and B2B, and at the heart of their approach lies a range of proprietary tech systems.

They’ve got a team of analysis experts and audience access consultants on board to cater to all your qualitative and quantitative research needs. Some of their research services include survey design, survey programming and hosting, translations and coding and data visualization.

They also offer comprehensive packages with Savanta Live, giving you access to a suite of online and mobile research tools.

Top market research companies in London, United Kingdom

4. Antedote

Antedote is an award-winning market research company from London. They use agile thinking and innovation to help you uncover strategic insight, but also help in the next steps of making your strategy fit the market’s needs. They use a wide range of market research services.

Not just qualitative and quantitative research, but also data science, predictive modelling, behavioral economics, scenario planning, tools to calculate market size, volumetric forecasting, innovation testing and a whole lot more.

5. The Yard Creative

Okay, technically, the Yard Creative is a design studio, but hear us out. They don’t just design: what they create is beautiful and based on knowing the market like no other.

The Yard Creative is an evidential design studio, meaning their designs are created based on evidence of what works, and what doesn’t.

In order to achieve this they research the competition, and what they are doing. They go beyond local markets and cross sectors to uncover what makes consumers tick, and what would work for your brand. Their core design services include research, strategy and design (branding, digital environments and physical spaces).

They do this on the shop floor, but also with face-to-face qualitative research sessions and focus groups. Where needed, they supplement this with survey platforms and panels to link their learnings with data, and ultimately design.

6. Vision One

Vision One is named one of the UK’s leading and fastest-growing specialist market research agencies. They are a full-service agency that helps their clients get more in-depth insights to inform their strategies.

Vision one is also an award-winning agency, having won The Drum’s Best Market Research Agency 2021.

They serve clients with advertising research, brand research, packaging research and a lot more. They specialize in FMCG, Food & Drink, Retail & Shopper Research and Travel & Tourism Research.

7. Arlington Research

Arlington Research is a full-service international market research company Based in Reading and London. Central to their market research methodology are stories. They conduct B2B research, consumer research and communications and PR research.

Arlington Research looks for the stories behind the data, making it easier for you to translate the insights they uncover into campaigns that spark emotion in your target audience.

Business colleagues running consumer research in a lobby

8. Kalinax

Kalinax is a powerhouse of a market research company, combining machine learning, predictive analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation to give you rich data.

The sectors they specialize in are logistics, telecom, HR and operations, marketing, hospitality and tourism. If you’re looking to level up your strategy research, make sure to check out their consultancy services

9. Adience

Adience is a B2B market research and strategy agency that started in New York City, but has opened a London office in 2022, bringing their strategy research services closer to you!

Adience is built around 4 core principles:

  1. They are specialized in global B2B research, perfect for brands who operate in looking for international market research.
  2. They position themselves as a research consultancy, not ”just” as a research agency. That means they focus on end results, what comes after the research, and not just on the research methods.
  3. They have an open-book policy, meaning they keep their clients in the loop in the research process, not just in the beginning and end of it.
  4. They’re a boutique agency, meaning they customize their services.

The sectors Adience specializes in are transport and logistics, software and software as a service (SaaS), Financial services and fintech, IT hardware and architecture, engineering and construction.

10. Hub of China

London’s full of highly specialized market research agencies too, like Hub Of China. Hub of China is a leading market research agency focused on the Chinese market. They’re the go-to market research company for qualitative and quantitative information about the Chinese market for your product or service.

They use research methods like mystery shopping, interviews, surveys and focus groups, all aimed at your preferred demographic. They can also conduct one-to-one interviews and phone interviews, thanks to their rich and varied database.

Attest expert support Sam

11. Full Fat

While Full Fat is not solely a market research agency, they do use their insights to create cool content, events and campaigns. But let’s focus on how they collect those insights in the first place.

Based in London, this team of twenty young creatives combines their market knowledge with services that boost brand growth and spice up your marketing strategy.

In their Full Fat Source, they collect cool case studies fueled with insights. If you’re looking for a creative and young team to combine market research and creative experiences for your brand, consider going Full Fat.

12. Catalyst

Catalyst is a full-service, award-winning digital marketing agency for both B2C and B2B. They focus on tangible results, rather than filling out metrics.

Their market research approach starts within your business, with an internal audit, to help them define what to look at when diving into the market. Then they move on to an external audit, to see what your competitors are doing , and how you can win the race. They use their market research to inform your lead generation strategy.

13. Levene Consulting

Levene Consulting market research agency London

Levene Consulting is one of the London market research companies that helps businesses successfully enter the UK market, grow and establish themselves here.

They were awarded by Clutch for 2 consecutive years among UK’s top Boutique Consulting Firms and have extensive experience with getting business in all kinds of sectors set up for success in the UK. Think automotive, payment solution, food and drinks, healthcare, construction, and e-commerce: Levene’s done it!

14. Jump Data

What’s the forecast, JumpData?

JumpData is a London-based analytics and data consultancy with a special talent for forecasting. They are specialists in the development and analysis of effective KPIs. Using historic and current data sets, they construct data-driven forecasts that help you decide which KPIs are most useful to track over time.

Apart from that, they offer a wide range of data and analytics services. Think statistical consultancy, algorithm design and implementation.

JumpData comes with more than 50 years combined experience in both the academic and business world.

15. Opinium

We’re finishing the list with yet another award-winning market research company. Opinium is a research agency that does a lot more than just market research: it dives into much more broad and global topics.

Their research helps clients inform and shape public conversations, and want to go beyond generic primary and secondary market research. They work not just for brands, but also universities, charities, agencies and other institutions that are looking to spark meaningful conversations with their audiences, based on reports that really matter.

If you’re looking to add impact and value to your communications and strategy, don’t skip out on their headline-grabbing research capabilities!

Work with the best market research company

That’s all for now folks, the best fifteen market research companies London has to offer. Want to get started today with one? Then we’re your go-to choice.

Attest helps you to build capability both amongst yourself and amongst your marketing teams, so you’re not overly relying on agencies and specialists.

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director, Little Moons

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