Little Moons used consumer profiling to turn a TikTok trend into long-term growth

When mochi ice cream brand Little Moons went viral on TikTok, they wanted to make the most of their new found fame by understanding who their most valuable customers were.

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When Japanese ice cream brand Little Moons went viral on TikTok, sales increased tenfold. The challenge was how to sustain that growth once the social media trend had dropped off. They needed to know exactly what type of consumers would be willing to pay the Little Moons RRP of just under £5 a pack on a habitual basis.

We needed to make sure we reacted in the right way and didn’t lose our focus on the overarching ambition of introducing Little Moons to a broader audience.

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director at Little Moons


Little Moons carried out a consumer profiling exercise aiming at identifying the bigger spenders on ice cream. They also wanted to know which brands Little Moons were most closely competing against. The results were surprising.

Our social media following would suggest our audience were late teens/early 20s women. But Attest consumer profiling identified that the people driving most of the volume in premium ice cream are actually affluent 30+ year olds with the disposable income to habitually purchase a premium product like Little Moons.


increase in sales


growth in prompted awareness


increase in consideration


Little Moons recognised that in order to translate the TikTok trend into the business outcomes they wanted, they were going to have to make the story accessible to people who weren’t on the platform – affluent shoppers who were perhaps a bit older.

It made us really double down on making sure that we were encouraging PR and press to cover the story, because our theory was if we could get it into the Telegraph or The Express or The Sun, it was far more likely to become part of the cultural conversation than if it just stayed on TikTok.

Little Moons generated a ton of press coverage thanks to their strategy to publicise the brand’s TikTok success. The activity had a significant impact on brand awareness. Brand tracking (carried out on Attest) showed that prompted awareness had tripled and consideration grew by almost 50%.

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