Saving £200k on national expansion with Oddbox

How veg box brand Oddbox harnessed existing brand awareness to master national expansion and deliver maximum impact for minimum outlay.

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Oddbox were launching their vegetable box brand into three new UK regions; the Midlands, the Southwest and Wales. They wanted to gauge existing brand awareness in each region before planning the launch campaigns and buying media.


Oddbox used Attest for brand tracking, which allowed them to measure metrics like prompted and unprompted brand awareness across the country and dig deeper into awareness by region.

Through our brand tracking, we discovered we actually had quite high brand awareness in those regions, despite the fact that we weren’t operating there.

Liz Yates, Head of Growth at Oddbox

By adding questions about brand discovery, they were also able to understand how best to target consumers in each region. In the Midlands, for example, they found people were more open to product recommendations from influencers and also that they were more likely to take up a product if they received a leaflet about it. Meanwhile, in the Southwest and Bristol, there was more of a resistance to advertising in general and more skepticism.


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This insight proved invaluable for the team building the campaign plan for launching Oddbox into the new regions. Oddbox were able to tailor their marketing strategy and cut their ad spend.

We probably would have gone a little bit more aggressively with upper funnel activity were it not for the fact that we were fairly confident there was a decent level of awareness in these regions already.

What’s more, Oddbox were able to tailor the media mix, using local influencers and leafleting in the Midlands, but taking a much more grassroots approach in Bristol.

It actually had quite a significant impact on our overall campaign costs. And I think it enabled us to plan a much more efficient campaign.

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