Survey templates and real-life survey results

Imagine having a brand tracking survey template crafted for you by a team of research experts… 

Guess what—you don’t need to imagine, it’s a reality!

Here are the brand tracking survey templates we’ve created so that you can slot in the brand and industry details that are specific to you. 

We have two main brand tracker templates: a short brand tracker and an extended brand tracker. 

Short brand tracker survey template

This template covers the brand insights that are crucial for businesses to gather. It gives you data about the level of unprompted and prompted awareness consumers have about your brand.

It also delves into usage and consideration—whether people have bought a product or service recently and whether they might buy it in the future.

It also includes the all-important Net Promoter Score (NPS) question

Short brand tracker survey template

All the essential brand tracking questions are in our short tracker template—just add in the specifics for your brand and category.

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Our short brand tracker survey template includes questions like:

  • Which of the following, if any, have you purchased in the last 12 months?
  • How likely would you be to recommend >INSERT YOUR BRAND< to a friend, family or colleague?
  • Which of these brands, if any, are you aware of?

Extended brand tracker survey template

The extended brand tracker covers all of this, and more! 

With this template you can add even more detail to your brand awareness insights. In addition to what’s included in the short brand trackers, this extended version includes questions that will add some more color and context to your insights. 

For example, questions like ‘Have you seen/heard about [Brand] in any of the following ways?’ help you find out where your marketing spend is really working and reveals areas that might need work (or a total rethink).  

Extended brand tracker survey template

Measure the ROI of brand building and where you can win against your competitors with our brand tracking survey template.

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Our extended brand tracker survey template includes questions like:

  • What are the most important factors when deciding which brand of >INSERT CATEGORY< to buy?
  • Which of these brands, if any, would you consider purchasing from in the next 12 months?
  • Thinking about >INSERT YOUR CATEGORY<, what brands, if any, are you aware of? Please type in all that you can think of.

If you’re looking to find out how well-known your brand is, you could get super specific and launch a brand recall survey.

Brand perception survey template

Your brand trackers give you a super valuable understanding of what consumers think about your brand—but what about the why?

That’s where brand perception research comes in! Learn more about how and why you should measure brand perception.

With this template you can ask people for more color and context around their opinions of your brand. It helps you understand how your brand really makes them feel. 

Brand perception survey template

Gain a better understanding of your brand’s reputation

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Our brand perception survey template includes questions like:

  • Thinking about >INSERT YOUR BRAND<, name all the products/services it sells.
  • How would you describe >INSERT YOUR BRAND< to a friend?
  • Which of the following feelings do you associate with >INSERT BRAND<, if any?

Real-life survey results examples

To help you visualize the kind of insights you’ll get from these brand tracking templates, here are some example surveys we’ve sent to real respondents from our audience of consumers.

Real-life supermarket brand survey results

Here’s a brand tracking survey we sent to 500 US consumers asking about their thoughts on supermarket brands.

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And here’s brand research in our Tracker format. This is really what you’re looking for from a brand tracker—regular surveys sent out over time to identify shifts in how consumers judge your brand.

Makeup brand tracker results

In this tracker you can see the results for makeup brands over time.

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