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Measure the ROI of brand building and where you can win against your competitors with our brand tracking template.

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Brand health is one of the most crucial things for any marketer to stay on top of. And ‘health’ is made up of so many brand health metrics: brand awareness, brand attributes, brand associations, brand perception, brand equity – the list goes on! This free brand tracking survey template will help you measure all the above with your target audience, to get a sense of how effective your marketing activities have been and how your brand fares in relation to your competitors.

What are brand tracking surveys?

Brand performance is challenging for growing businesses to measure without in-depth market research access. But in order to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (and commit budget to future brand-building projects), it’s crucial that brand tracking metrics make up part of your measurement stack. Because a strong brand has an ROI attached to it.

Key metrics to fold into your brand tracking research include:

  • Unprompted brand awareness: How much of your target audience can recall your brand? Unprompted brand awareness measures the number of people who express knowledge of a brand or product without prompting (Brand Recall or “Share of Mind”).
  • Prompted brand awareness: How much of your target audience recognise your brand? Prompted brand awareness is a measure of the number of people who express knowledge of a brand or product when prompted (Brand Recognition).
  • Brand attitudes and perceptions: What does your target audience think of your brand and what attributes/values do they associate with it most? A consumer’s attitude and perception of a brand will develop over time as they are exposed to communications, hear of other’s experiences and interact with the brand.
  • Consideration and purchase intent: How much of your target audience would consider buying your brand? The likelihood of consumers to buy one of your products or even switch to a competitor is important to understand in a context that is relevant to the brand/purchase decision.
  • Product usage vs. category usage: Does your target audience purchase in your category in a specific time period, have they ever purchased a product from your brand, how recently do they purchase them? This will help you understand the “share of wallet”.
  • NPS: How much of your target audience would recommend your brand to a friend or colleague? Net Promoter Score is a key metric to understand general brand happiness. Word of mouth is the best money never spent on marketing, however, it is not always valuable when brand awareness is quite low.
  • Spontaneous and prompted campaign awareness: How much of your target audience can recall/recognise a recent campaign? As with brand recall and brand recognition, understanding the impact of a key campaign is a great way to measure effectiveness and feed into understanding ROI.
  • Competitor activity awareness: How has recent competitor activity impacted your brand or category? With fast turnaround times, you can react quickly to competitor activity and current events to measure immediate impact with your target audience.
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In order to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns it’s crucial that brand tracking metrics make up part of your measurement stack

Why should I run brand tracking surveys?

Now that you understand what to measure in a brand tracking survey, the question becomes…why should you run one?

Running a full brand audit can have huge benefits, including (but not limited to!):

  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of key brand activity. KPIs for marketing teams often revolve around meetings booked, number of leads, and revenue numbers. It’s often assumed that brand campaigns contribute to all of these KPIs, but with brand tracking, you can add a layer of specificity to their success or lack thereof.
  • Understanding where your brand can have traction, in relation to your competitors. Without a regular cadence of brand studies, it’s difficult to see how you stack up to your competition, and how this might be changing over time. With a clear picture of how your brand compares to others in the space, your brand strategy has a significantly better chance of making an impact.
  • Justify or protect brand marketing spend. This relates to the earlier point on brand campaign effectiveness; if you can demonstrate to budget controllers that spending the big bucks is paying off, so to speak, you’re much more likely to protect or increase your budgets for the following calendar year.
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How do I get started?

Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert researcher to track your brand and competitors in the market. Just use our template!

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