How top brands have used brand tracking

Knowing your brand’s position in the market and identifying upward or downward trends is a must for brands of all sizes.  

Here’s how some strong brands have used brand tracking research with incredible results.

We sometimes get asked about the effect that the Trademark has on shoppers – for example, could it put non-vegans off purchasing a product? This research has shown that this is absolutely not the case – all kinds of shoppers recognise, trust, and actively seek out the Vegan Trademark.

Louisianna Waring, Senior Insight and Policy Officer at The Vegan Society

How The Vegan Society demonstrated brand awareness of their trademark, growing registrations by 9,000

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It actually had quite a significant impact on our overall campaign costs. And I think it enabled us to plan a much more efficient campaign.

Liz Yates, Head of Growth at Oddbox

How Oddbox saved £200k on national expansion after learning about their brand awareness

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