What if your brand tracking reveals a weak brand?

If you don’t get the glowing results you hoped for, don’t be disappointed. 

The whole point of brand tracking is to provide a framework for improving brand health and pushing those metrics up. And what might initially look discouraging can actually be an opportunity in disguise.

Let’s say you discover low levels of overall brand awareness, but the consumers who do know about your brand demonstrate strong purchase intent. That means there’s every chance a brand awareness campaign would translate into sales growth.

If you see that consumers are more likely to buy from a competitor, you can carry out further research to find out why and change your offering or messaging to make sure you address the pain points of your customers. 

Likewise, if customer satisfaction is low, it represents a great opportunity to improve and prosper. 

This is especially true if you’re scoring low because of one or two consistent reasons. Perhaps people are peeved with your customer service or maybe your product doesn’t quite match preconceived expectations? 

Find out what it is that’s not working and fix it. Promote these positive changes and you’ll be on your way to winning back wavering customers.

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