How The Vegan Society grew trademark registrations by 9,000

The Vegan Society ramped up membership of their Vegan Trademark scheme by demonstrating to brands just how much consumers value it.

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The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark was doing well, having nearly 47,000 registered products  – but they wanted to boost growth further by being able to show interested brands consumer insight around brand awareness of the trademark.


Louisianna Waring, Senior Insight and Policy Officer at The Vegan Society, chose Attest to carry out the research because of the platform’s ease of use, speed and affordability, but also because of the reliable data quality and support offered by Attest’s in-house research experts.

Previously, we found that trusted data relating to veganism could be hard to come by, either because it was costly to purchase (and even then could not be shared), or we couldn’t trust the source as the methodology was not provided. As an evidence-based charity, we wanted to change this.

Louisianna Waring, Senior Insight and Policy Officer at The Vegan Society

The brand awareness study questioned 1,000 UK shoppers who classed themselves vegan, plant-based, vegetarian or flexitarian about their vegan shopping habits and thoughts on different vegan certification schemes.


most-recognised and trusted vegan certification logo


Vegan Trademark registered products


growth in new products registered since the research


From this research, the Vegan Society found that 79% of the respondents thought that it was important for brands to have their vegan products certified by a third-party organisation such as the Vegan Trademark. They also found that their Vegan Trademark was over 17% more recognised than the second most-recognised vegan certification logo and was the most trusted of all. 

We sometimes get asked about the effect that the Trademark has on shoppers – for example, could it put non-vegans off purchasing a product? This research has shown that this is absolutely not the case – all kinds of shoppers recognise, trust, and actively seek out the Vegan Trademark.

Since February 2021, when their initial survey was carried out, the Vegan Society have increased their product registrations by nearly 9,000 products, to 56,000. They are now planning future research into different regions where information around veganism is limited. As well as expanding knowledge into many different categories outside of food and drink.

This research has allowed us to gain some excellent leads and work with even more well-known brands. In turn, this increases our brand awareness, grows the business and charity, and helps us run even bigger campaigns. It’s a win-win situation!

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