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Need more control over who sees your surveys?
2 minute read

How to Get the Most Out of Your Underground Advertising

This week, we’re taking a look at 'Brands Going Underground', how London's TFL customers feel about their travel experience, and how that can help inform a more targeted promotional strategy when ...
9 minute read

Introducing Quotas

Need more control over who sees your surveys?
2 minute read

The Consumer Tech Your Company Should (and Shouldn't) Be Investing In

Last week saw an iconic consumer product relaunched 17 years after it first hit the market, when it sold 126 million units and won the affection of a generation. Need another clue as to what we’re ...
6 minute read

Which Brands Will Win the FA Cup

From food and drink, to betting and sportswear, there are plenty of categories who spend a lot of money on reaching the kinds of viewers who will be paying rapt attention to the FA Cup for 90 minutes.
4 minute read

Increase your survey sample size

Ever ordered a 'small' portion and regretted it, but it was too late to upgrade to 'large'? We've all been there, but you'll never have that problem with your surveys again!
1 minute read

10 Steps to Avoiding the Same Mistake as Pepsi, Skittles & McDonald's

Another day, another big budget advertising campaign pulled and apology issued. This time it’s McDonald’s feeling the glare of an uncomfortable limelight. Why? They ran an ad that detractors have ...
3 minute read

14% of UK Consumers and 16% Businesses Victims of Ransomware in the Last 12 Months

WannaCry, the global ransomware attack, has been all over the news since it launched on May 12th. Having affected over 200,000 victims, the NHS, corporations like Telefonica and FedEx, and spreading ...
2 minute read

Collaborate on surveys with colleagues

While you create a survey, we'll automatically save it as a draft (just like Gmail), so if you exit or click "close" in the top left corner at any point your work will be saved.
2 minute read

Market Research company Attest raises $3.1m

On-demand consumer insight platform Attest raises $3.1m to rebuild market research around respondents, and bring new insight powers to any business. London, UK: Attest, the on-demand customer ...
4 minute read