The perceived undercurrent of doping in sport - and the potential damage this can do to sponsors’ brands.

"you can be found guilty of doping individually, but more dangerously, you can suffer from perceived guilt merely by association"
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Attest’s research suggests that almost 20% of young Leave voters would vote differently if given the chance again.

Since the referendum result, there have been claims and counter-claims over the numbers of people who now regret the way they initially voted. Some have suggested that the proportions swinging their ...
2 minute read

These are the most common email marketing sins - how many are you guilty of?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what motivated a customer to unsubscribe from your mailing list? After all, losing a recipient from a mailing list is a marketing failure. It amounts to a person ...
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RetailWeek selects Attest as “Start-up of the Week”

We were delighted that RetailWeek chose Attest as ‘Start-up of the Week’
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Emeritus Professor of Management & Marketing Paddy Barwise joins Attest’s advisory board

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Better engagement = greater insights. How Attest is disrupting the £4.8 billion UK market research industry

"All organisations strive to be constantly customer-centric & data-driven… they’re just lacking a way to actually do it. Demand for information & insight has never been higher". - Attest
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10 Downing Street advisor Justin Cooke joins Attest's advisory board

London, United Kingdom. 10 May 2016 - Attest announced today the addition of celebrated business builder, former WPP executive, 10 Downing Street advisor and UK digital influencer Justin Cooke to its ...
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Attest and Unilever describe dramatic growth & rapid change in the £4.8bn UK research market

The Market Research Society (MRS), in partnership with PwC, reported that the UK Market Research industry has grown to £4.8 billion, 62% growth since 2012
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