15 Brand image tracking companies that track consumer perception

When’s the last time you did any brand tracking? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

A lot of businesses don’t prioritize brand tracking, focusing on other metrics and projects. 

That’s a real shame. Because brand tracking studies are where a lot of knowledge about your brand’s perception, reputation and loyalty comes together. It’s a way of refining your brand using insight from real consumers. You bring it together to identify what really matters to your target customers, and go beyond vanity metrics.

A brand tracking study sounds a whole lot more attractive now, doesn’t it?. 

Now, we know you’re busy. Maybe you’re a CEO focused on brand equity. Maybe you’re a marketer explaining the value of branding to your C-suite. Maybe you don’t have access to your very own research department. That’s understandable, but no longer an excuse. Here’s a list of 15 brand tracking companies that you can turn to.

No time to lose? These are the companies we’re comparing here:

CompaniesKey features and servicesLocation of HeadquartersPricing
Attest– Brand growth and perception tracking

– Creative testing

– Consumer profiling

– Market analysis

– New product development
London and New YorkSign up for free

Paid plans start at $0.44 per response for up to 50,000 responses
Latana– Audience segmentation

– Brand performance research

– Industry benchmarking
BerlinAvailable on request
SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker Tool– Easily create and send surveys

– Automatically analyze results

– Collect responses via multiple channels
San Mateo, CaliforniaAvailable on request
Qualtrics brand tracking– Consumer feedback research

– Customer experience research

– Enterprise feedback management
Seattle, WashingtonAvailable on request
Suzy– Qualitative research focused on US consumers

– Respondents are incentivized with points for answering questions, helping to ensure responses
New York, New YorkAvailable on request
Brand24– Social media monitoring

– Analytic reporting

– Customer crisis management
Gainesville, FloridaStarts at $49 per month
Brandwatch– Social media listening

– Data visualization & audience demographics

– Campaign management
New York, New YorkAvailable on request
SEMrush– Brand monitoring dashboard

– Brand health tracking

– Competitor analysis
Boston, MassachusettsStarts at $119.95 per month
Ahrefs– Competitor analysis

– SEO analytics
SingaporeStarts at $99
BuzzSumo– Brand mention tracking

– Brand health tracking

– Competitor analysis
Brighton, UKStarts at $79 per month
NetBase Quid– Brand health tracking

– AI tools for visual brand tracking
Santa Clara, CaliforniaAvailable on request
Awario– Social listening

– Sentiment analysis

– Location-based monitoring
California City, CaliforniaStart at €24 per month
Mentionlytics– Social listening tool

– Sentiment analysis

– Competitor tracking
New York, New YorkBasic plan starts at $49
Google Trends– Track brand mentions

– Competitor mention tracking
Mountain View, CaliforniaFree
Blue Ocean brand navigator– Visual data representation

– Brand growth

– Competitor tracking
San Francisco, CaliforniaAvailable on request

If you want to keep things in-house without the help of an agency, see our list of top brand tracking tools.

The benefits of brand health tracking research

Why bother with brand tracking?

Brand tracking is putting your brand in the perspective of the market, looking through the eyes of the consumer and measuring your other projects, like marketing campaigns, all at once. 

Here’s what that will bring you:

  • Tangible improvements to what you offer and how you market it: a customer feedback survey and market research walk into a bar. They have a great night together, and what comes out is an actionable plan to make improvements in your business. Through brand tracking research you learn crucial consumer insights about a whole range of your business’s functions—marketing, product, sales…
  • Stronger marketing messages that will actually resonate with your ICP: a lot of brands churn out campaigns based on a lot of creativity and a buyer’s persona. Turns out, it’s often a hit or miss. If you want to create better campaigns and messages, check in on your brand health to find out how people really perceive you, and adjust your content accordingly. 
  • It makes it easier to identify growth strategies: are you lacking in a certain area of your business? People aren’t buying as much of your product as you had hoped? Before you adjust your prices, check in on your brand tracking metrics. The price might not be the issue: maybe people have a perception of you that keeps them from buying, or you’re simply not top of mind. Changing your price wouldn’t change that. Changing your strategy would, and sales will follow. 

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The 15 best brand tracking companies

We’ve compiled a list of top brand tracking tools that all have their own strengths and methods, allowing you to choose one that fits your needs. 

1. Attest

We’re at the top of our own list. With Attest, you get brand tracking software that is easy to use but makes sure the insights you receive are super high quality. 

And you’re not on your own with Attest! Our team of dedicated research experts is always available to help you create a brand tracking survey that gets to the heart of things. If you’d rather venture out on your own, our team has created brand tracker survey templates that will help you hit the ground running. 

brand tracking attest

You get access to 125 million consumers across 59 countries, who will give you relevant responses in no time. That data is instantly available in a dashboard that shows exactly where you’re standing when it comes to your brand’s health. 

And we triple-check your data with a mixture of AI and human processes to make sure your insights are top notch. 

Attest shows us what the ROI of brand work truly is.

Phil Denington, Creative Lead at Wise

Learn more about how Attest can help you build your brand when you use the brand tracker.

How much does Attest cost?

Our plans start at $0.50 per response for up to 50,000 responses. You also get a dedicated research expert to support your research needs.

Get quality brand insights in days, not weeks or months

With Attest’s brand tracking you get triple-checked insights from 125 million consumers in 59 countries—and expert on-demand support from our Customer Research Team.

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2. Latana

Next up is Latana, a brand tracking tool that prides itself in its ease of use—both for brands and consumers. They help you gather insights by mobile-optimized surveys and their ability to reach niche audiences.

Latana features advanced audience segmentation for hyper-specific surveys but is limited to mobile users. You can send mobile-optimized surveys to reach 4 billion mobile users in over 100 countries.

How much does Latana cost?

Latana does not mention pricing or plans on their website, so reach out to their sales team for more information.

Latana brand tracking

3. SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker Tool

SurveyMonkey has a dedicated Brand Tracker tool that will help you measure your brand performance and see how your brand evolves over time. 

The SurveyMonkey tool helps you get real-time insights into industry trends and specific metrics from awareness to preference and purchase intent.

SurveyMonkey’s tool adds a competitor analysis to the mix. It also comes with reporting tools that visualize how brand perception evolves. You get access to integrated panels accessing 144M+ people in over 130 countries. 

How much does SurveyMonkey cost?

Reach out to their sales team for information on pricing and plans.

SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker Tool

4. Qualtrics brand tracking

Qualtricsbrand management software lets you link your brand metrics to the business KPIs like revenue and loyalty. This way, you can learn to understand which touchpoints have the most impact on your brand’s health and see where you have to take action.

Qualtrics brand tracking sends you automatic alerts for crisis management to act on trends immediately. You can share dynamic role-based dashboards across the organization with built-in filters to deep dive into any subgroup.

How much does Qualtrics cost?

Reach out to their sales team for information on pricing and plans.

Qualtrics brand tracking

5. Suzy

A brand tracking company that specializes in the US market is Suzy, with 50k monthly active users. 

They offer several types of brand tracking research methods, some of which are more tailored to experienced researchers. 

Their competitive analysis tools allow you to talk to your competitors’ customers, which is a great way to gauge your space in the market.

How much does Suzy cost?

Suzy doesn’t mention any pricing on their website, but it’s not a free tool. For a quote, you can book a demo and talk to their sales team. Keep in mind that Suzy does charge for onboarding and access costs extra for every user who wants to use the platform.

Suzy brand tracking

6. Brand24

If you want your brand tracking research to be more focused on social mentions, consider using Brand24. 

With sentiment analysis, you can make sense of the popularity of your brand. After all, it’s not just about how many people are talking about your brand, but what they’re saying as well. 

Brand24 enables you to specifically monitor the impact of campaigns, and compare yourself to your competitors. 

How much does Brand24 cost?

Pricing starts at $49 per month. 

Brand24 brand tracking

7. Brandwatch

Monitoring online mentions of your brand is incredibly easy using Brandwatch. Apart from tracking certain keywords and brand mentions, you can also perform a sentiment analysis on the spot. 

Brandwatch also helps you conduct multi-year studies to uncover strategic insights for long-term plans. 

How much does Brandwatch cost?

Reach out to their sales team for information on pricing and plans.

Brandwatch brand tracking

8. SEMrush

SEMrush does a whole lot more than just SEO. Dive in their Brand Monitoring Dashboard and find great insights in your brand’s health, such as mentions and sentiment. Don’t worry about trolls, it also takes care of tracking resource authority.

Add to this the options to analyze your competitors and you have a solid base for a brand tracking study at your fingertips. 

How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush has various plans available. The brand monitoring feature is part of their content marketing platform, which is only available in the Guru and Business plans, for $229.95 or $449.95 per month depending on the plan you choose.

SEMrush brand tracking

9. Ahrefs

The second SEO tool on our list that also helps with your brand tracking study is Ahrefs. The tool packs a neat competitor analysis tool, and shows you what consumers are saying about you and more. By comparing this to your ranking progress over time, you see the direct impact brand health has on factors like ranking. 

How much does Ahrefs cost?

The Ahrefs Lite plan starts at $99, going up to $179 for the Standard plan and $399 for Advanced.

Ahrefs brand tracking

10. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo lets you monitor your own brand mentions, but also those of your competitors. Another great addition in their toolkit is the fact that you can enable notifications on industry happenings, making more sense of your brand health metrics measured over time: what events have had an impact on your brand associations and other metrics?

How much does BuzzSumo cost?

The Pro plan starts at only $79 a month, going up to a Plus plan for $139 and Large for $239 when billed yearly. 

BuzzSumo brand tracking

11. NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid lets you track your brand health setting historical benchmarks, so you can see how it evolves—and why. If you want to up your game even more, use their AI tools that notify you when your brand shows up in pictures online. This is the future of monitoring mentions, because sometimes a picture says a lot more than words!

How much does NetBase Quid cost?

Reach out to their sales team for information on pricing and plans.

NetBase Quid brand tracking

12. Awario

Awario focuses on social listening and other mentions on the web. They set themselves apart from the rest by not relying on a single third-party data provider. Their tool crawls over 13 billion web pages daily, in addition to APIs. 

Sentiment analysis, location-based monitoring and Boolean search are all included and make this a powerful tool for your brand tracking research!

How much does Awario cost?

Awario plans start at €24 per month. For more keywords, choose pro for €74 or the Enterprise plan for €249.

Awario brand tracking

13. Mentionlytics

If you could hear what everyone’s been saying about you, would you want to know? Mentionlytics lets you do so, although it does that only for brands. The social listening tool has a smart sentiment analysis function, and a neat competitor tracking tool if you upgrade from the Basic plan.

How much does Mentionlytics cost?

The Mentionlytics basic plan starts at $49. Their essential plan comes at $99, Advanced costs $199, and Pro is $299. There is also a plan for Agencies starting at $450 a month.

Mentionlytics brand tracking

Simple, free brand tracking can be done using Google Trends. Simply type in your brand name and you can see how popular it has been in the search engine over time. You can also add another brand’s name to compare how often either gets searched for. 

Google Trends is free and simple, but by combining it with tools and knowledge from other tools like Google Analytics, you can certainly get great insights.

How much does Google Trends cost?

Absolutely nothing!

Google Trends brand tracking

15. Blue Ocean Brand Navigator

Combining audience signals, marketing content and business plus financial content, the algorithm of Blue Ocean’s brand navigator gives you an unique perspective of your brand’s health. 

Because it’s based on an algorithm, it’s always up-to-date and gives results instantly, which is a perfect addition to your market research.

How much does the Blue Ocean brand navigator cost?

Reach out to their sales team for information on pricing and plans.

Blue Ocean Brand Navigator brand tracking

What to look for in a brand tracking agency

What are you looking for in a brand tracking partner? Not every brand tracking agency is the same, yet it can be incredibly confusing once you start researching which ones are right for you. 

You’re looking for more than a market research firm, but a provider that’s specifically experienced with brand tracking studies specifically. Whether you are looking for a full service agency, traditional brand tracking solutions or something more high-tech, keep these factors in mind:

  • Research types: Look at what type of research services a brand tracking tool is offering, after you’ve identified which ones you need. That should significantly shorten the list. 
  • Relevance: Then look at what their existing customers look like. Are they brands like yours? Do their results give you input for your marketing activities and brand strategies?
  • Data quality, Audience and research methods: How do they gather responses and input? Is their audience relevant to yours? Does their way of gathering data resonate with you? Is their data good quality? Take the time to dig into how they collect and deliver your insights.
  • Research companies vs. social listening tools: there are many roads that lead to Rome, and brand tracking comes in all shapes and sizes. Define whether you want market research, social mentions, or both. And think about whether social listening is the kind of insight that’s valuable to you. 
  • Recurrence: brand tracking should be repeated regularly—otherwise you’re not tracking anything. Choose a market analysis tool that allows you to gather and compare data over time, within a budget that works for you.
  • Support: you might not want to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up the research, but you do want the results. In that case, look for a tool that gives you access to experts that can help you nail the fundamentals of brand tracking and market research.

Key brand tracking metrics to consider

So, what could you be measuring using the tools and companies we talk about here? Here’s some inspiration to help you identify the right brand metrics for your market research.

Key metrics, according to Attest:

  • Brand awareness: how many people know about your brand, and know what you have to offer? What are consumer perceptions within this brand awareness? When do you pop up in the customer journey, and how do people receive marketing communications? Do they stick?
  • Brand usage: how are existing customers using your brand? What do they buy from you, when, and why? What does your customer satisfaction look like?  Brand usage is a focused way of researching consumer behavior revolving around your brand.
  • Brand attributes: what makes your brand stand out from the crowd?
  • Brand loyalty: take customer loyalty a bit further and compare why people are loyal to your brand, and how you can keep them away from the competition.
  • Social media marketing metrics: from mentions to impressions and from sentiment analysis to tags, there’s a lot to be found in your social media dashboard.
  • Market share: a brand is only relevant in the market it operates in. Compare yourself to your competitors and see how big the chunk is that you’re taking up in the market to identify growth.
  • Share of voice: how many people think of your brand when they think about buying in your brand category? How visible are you compared to others in your industry?

Mix and match to include these in your brand study. Not sure which ones are relevant to your business? Talk to our experts!

Track your brand health with Attest

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FAQs about brand tracking research

What is brand tracking?

Brand tracking gives you insights into the ROI of your brand building efforts. It measures certain brand health metrics over time to identify areas for improvement when it comes to building a more popular brand.

What is the best market research company?

With Attest, you get to ask all the right questions to a huge yet carefully selected audience. A dedicated team of research experts helps you craft the perfect survey. You can easily interpret the results in a handy dashboard.

How do you conduct a brand tracking survey? 

First, define what brand metrics you want to focus on. Then choose a tool or brand tracking agency that will help you keep track of these metrics. It’s crucial you act on the results and measure regularly, to see how your brand evolves.

The Experts’ Guide to Brand Tracking

How to look at the impact of things like audience reach, panel diversity, and survey design to help you decide whether your current brand tracker is up to scratch.

Get your copy now!

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