The best Qualtrics alternative for marketers

Attest is a Qualtrics alternative for people who want an easier to use survey solution. See how we stack up against Qualtrics.

If you’re looking for a consumer insights tool, you’re probably weighing up the different options. And if Attest isn’t on your list already, it definitely should be.

Attest is a leading competitor to brands like Qualtrics and is far easier to use. It’s perfect for people who are not market research pros (like marketers) because of its incredibly intuitive interface.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of Attest, the platform’s features and pricing and how it compares to Qualtrics, so you can make an informed choice.

Alternatives to Qualtrics

Qualtrics is designed for major enterprises and offers a large suite of products, which help companies to do things like increase employee productivity or improve product market fit. The software is made with research professionals in mind, with complex functionality that won’t be suitable for all users.

At the other end of the scale you’ve got simpler survey tools like SurveyMonkey, SurveySparrow, QuestionPro and Google Forms. These are more limited in terms of features and have more basic applications.

Attest straddles the gap between the two, offering high quality data from an audience of millions of consumers alongside advanced features, but it’s designed to be much more accessible (see how we compare to SurveyMonkey).

You don’t need to be a research expert to use Attest – you can get up and running and start uncovering real insights about your consumers in a matter of hours. It’s why we’re used by fast-growth brands like eToro, Little Moons, Wise and Bloom & Wild, as well as enterprise organisations like Microsoft and Walgreens/Boots.

Attest is super simple and intuitive to use and a super-fast way of getting the insights that you need to make key business decisions.

Liz Yates, Head of Growth at Oddbox

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A Qualtrics alternative with data quality guaranteed

We know from customer feedback, that data quality is a number one priority when shopping for survey software. Qualtircs have bot and fraud detection features in place but these features are not available for all licenses. By comparison, we remove poor quality responses as standard, so everything you see in the results dashboard you can trust. And we’ve doubled down on data quality controls, triple checking responses for red flags like:

  • Speeding – completing the questions too quickly
  • Skipping – failure to answer questions
  • Mismatched demographics – respondents providing conflicting information
  • Overclaiming – respondents exaggerating
  • Gibberish – nonsense open text answers
  • Non-relevancy – open text answers that don’t make sense

Our multi-panel approach means there are three layers of quality checks on the data inherent in our process. Read more on the benefits of our methodology.

What’s more, our data science team have devised an innovative ‘respondent score’ model. This lets us detect low quality respondents even when they don’t trigger any individual data quality algorithm (you can read more about it here). 

Qualtrics vs Attest

Wondering how Qualtrics and Attest compare? Let’s take a look at them side by side…

Value proposition

Attest: A fast and easy way for businesses to reach millions of consumers in 49 markets and get instant insights. Attest is designed for ambitious brands, helping them to grow without guesswork. Combining impressive research capabilities with an intuitive user interface, Attest can be used by both insights professionals and marketers.

Qualtrics: A suite of experience management solutions designed for multinational corporations with extensive analytical needs, primarily for tracking employee and customer experience.

“The research we’ve done with Attest has really enabled us to make data-driven decisions and it’s helped us to think long term”

Lorna Phillips, Audience Insight Manager at Gymshark


Attest: Our platform has been designed to be truly accessible and intuitive. Anyone can create an account and get started in minutes (we also offer personalised onboarding free of charge for you and your team).

The easy-to-use survey builder lets you choose from a selection of question types (or you can get your research off the ground even more quickly thanks to a range of survey templates).

To make sure you receive the best quality data, the platform intelligently spots when questions and answers are likely to introduce bias and provides guidance on how to correct it.

Once your survey is complete (you’ll see responses coming in real-time), it’s also super simple to analyse the results. Slice and dice the data by toggling demographic filters, check out Attest’s automated insights feature, and export your data to your preferred software.

Qualtrics: The major downside of Qualtrics is how long and complicated it is to get up and running on their extremely complex suite of products. Mainly geared toward insights teams, the software is less accessible to people in other roles, such as marketers. The level of sophistication often requires project management and implementation by experts. This means your time to first survey (and actionable insights) is likely to be significantly longer than if you partner with Attest.


Attest: With Attest, you can reach 110 million respondents in 49 markets. We work with multiple panels, which improves both our reach and our respondent quality. Attest’s belief is that diverse panels are key for allowing and representing a wide range of views from a multitude of sources.

In-platform, you can easily choose the target audience you require for any particular survey. Our selection of demographics ranges from basics like age and location, through to things like household income, employment sector and pet ownership. Simply pick and mix what you want and you’ll see the available audience. The price per response stays the same, regardless of how granular you wish to go with your targeting.

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Qualtrics: Through its ‘Services’ arm, Qualtrics also has access to a large pool of respondents (90 million) and can build out panels to your specifications. But rather than giving you easy and instant access to consumers, they take care of sourcing respondents and act more like a research agency, which has significant additional costs. The more niche the audience you want to target, the more you’ll have to pay.

Use cases


  • Brand tracking  and NPS surveys
  • Consumer profiling
  • Creative asset testing
  • Campaign insights (pre/post)
  • New product development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Jobs to be done


  • Enterprise employee experience
  • Enterprise customer experience 
  • Analysis across 100s-1000s of product SKUs
  • Sophisticated enterprise survey applications


Attest: As an Attest customer, you’ll benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager who acts as a consistent point of contact and is there to help whenever you need them. You’ll receive bespoke onboarding and training, as well support from the Attest Customer Research Team. This team exists to ensure your success, supporting you to run your own projects and making sure your get optimal output from the insights you get through the platform. This means you’re empowered to run surveys whenever you need data, and don’t need to hang around.

Qualtrics: While you can use Qualtrics products independently, a level of expertise is needed. As such, Qualtrics support – such as its help centre – is tailored around users with a background in research. If you need more support with your projects, Qualtrics promotes a full-service offering. You can have your research projects taken care of from start to finish, with the results delivered to you in a report. The downside of this is the cost and the time that it takes.


Attest: Attest’s pricing is based on credits. One credit is one response to one question. Any question type, any respondent (even niche audiences), they’re all charged at one flat credit rate. This means you’re charged purely for the number of answers you want.

We work with you to estimate how many responses you’re likely to need for your planned research projects and suggest an appropriate package of credits (i.e. an annual subscription). To support you with bigger research needs, we reduce the cost of a credit as you scale your usage. So, if you want to ask lots of questions to lots of respondents, you can do so at a reduced cost. Another big benefit of working with Attest is that we offer unlimited user accounts so your whole team can collaborate on research projects.

Qualtrics: Qualtrics do not charge per response so there is no fixed cost. You’ll pay varying amounts according to who you’re targeting, with more charged for niche, harder to reach audiences. You’ll also pay more depending on how many people in your team want access to the platform. Meanwhile, pricing for full-service research projects varies according to scope. Standalone software products are priced separately.

Why Attest is the best alternative to Qualtrics

Attest is the best alternative to Qualtrics if you want to get up and running quickly and start using consumer insights to make better business decisions. Our platform is so intuitive that anyone in your team can get started building surveys right away – and we facilitate collaboration by offering unlimited users free of charge.

But not only are we more accessible, we also offer better data quality than Qualtrics. Our data quality is guaranteed, with human verification on each response. We’re significantly cheaper, too. The fixed cost you pay per response – regardless of who you’re targeting – helps growing businesses to stay in control of their budget.

When I think about Attest, I think about it as the best of all worlds. So you’re getting the high quality data that you would get from any of the big monolithic research companies, but with a self service front-end that frankly allows you to manage costs more effectively.

Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director at Little Moons
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Nikos Nikolaidis

Customer Research Manager 

Nikos joined Attest in 2019, with a strong background in psychology and market research. As part of Customer Research Team, Nikos focuses on helping brands uncover insights to achieve their objectives and open new opportunities for growth.

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