The best Suzy alternative for multi-market research

Attest is a Suzy alternative with a built-in audience of 125m people in 58 countries. See how we stack up against Suzy.

Looking for a market research platform? Considering Suzy? Before you commit, why not learn about Attest and the advantages it offers?

Attest is a leading competitor to brands like Suzy, giving marketers and insights professionals access to a huge international audience, while being incredibly easy to use.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of Attest, the platform’s features and pricing and how it compares to Suzy, so you can make an informed choice.

Suzy alternative

Why consider Suzy alternatives?

Suzy have been around since 2017 and have established themselves as a respected market research platform in the US. The company provides market research to enterprise businesses like American Express, General Electric and KPMG.

Suzy specialize in the US market, giving companies access to their small owned panel of American consumers. But because Suzy is US-only, businesses looking to carry out research internationally, or gain insight from a broader audience, will need to consider an alternative.

Another reason Suzy might not be suitable for your company is the inflexibility of their subscriptions. They only give you access to a certain number of each question types, depending what package you’re on, which can be quite restrictive. What’s more, they charge you for onboarding, and access costs extra for every user who wants to use the platform, meaning it quickly gets expensive for teams.

What makes Attest a good alternative market research platform?

Attest is the perfect alternative to Suzy if you need an affordable and flexible survey solution and market analysis tool, or if you want to expand your audience beyond the United States. Attest gives organizations access to more than 125 millionm consumers in 59 countries. We can even help you with translating your surveys from English into the language of the local market.

With a large US audience, Attest is the ideal solution if your company operates both nationally and internationally. Whether you’re carrying out brand tracking, concept testing or consumer profiling, you can run your multi-market research (and analyze the results) all in one place.

How does Attest’s data quality compare to Suzy’s?

We know that data quality is a number one priority when shopping for a market research tool. Suzy promote their ability to screen respondents and ensure authentic responses, however they use a small owned panel of just 50k monthly active users, with single a recruitment and reward method. This means there’s more opportunity for bias among respondent selection and for panel fatigue (where your surveys keep going to the same people).

Attest’s belief is that diverse panels are key for allowing and representing a wide range of views from a multitude of sources. And a broad panel mix means less bias to certain demographics or profiles. Read more on the benefits of our methodology.

I’ve been very happy with the data quality. And I think the fact that you have the Customer Research Team to help you as well means you can be sure the data is very robust.

Liz Yates, Head of Growth, Oddbox

Beyond having multiple panels in place, we’ve doubled down on data quality controls, triple checking responses for red flags like:

  • Speeding – completing the questions too quickly
  • Skipping – failure to answer questions
  • Mismatched demographics – respondents providing conflicting information
  • Overclaiming – respondents exaggerating
  • Gibberish – nonsense open text answers
  • Non-relevancy – open text answers that don’t make sense

What’s more, our data science team have devised an innovative ‘respondent score’ model. This technology lets us detect low quality respondents even when they don’t trigger any individual data quality algorithm (you can read more about it here). 

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Suzy vs Attest

Wondering how Suzy and Attest compare? Let’s take a look at them side by side…


Attest: Attest was founded in 2015. The SaaS company has offices in New York, USA and London, UK but operates globally. Attest’s CEO and Founder Jeremy King is a graduate of Harvard Business School and previously worked at McKinsey & Company. The business is backed by global venture capital firm NEA and has more than 130 employees.

Suzy: Established in 2017, Suzy is headquartered in New York. The company is led by CEO and former ad-agency veteran Matt Britton. Suzy recently completed a Series C round and has in the region of 100 employees.

Value proposition

Attest: A fast, easy and affordable way to reach millions of consumers in multiple markets and get instant insights. Attest services multiple business types and aims to democratise consumer insights by making them accessible to people who aren’t research experts. Used by fast-growth brands like Organic Valley, DRY, Farfetch, Wise and Elvie, as well as enterprise organisations like Microsoft.

Suzy: Suzy is an enterprise-class solution giving brands year-round access to an owned-panel of American consumers to carry out both quantitative and qualitative research. As well as getting feedback through survey questions, users can conduct one on one, in-depth video interviews with consumers. Used by big organizations like Unilever, Google and Microsoft.


Attest: The Attest platform has been designed to be truly accessible and intuitive. Anyone can create an account and get started in minutes. The easy-to-use survey builder lets you choose from a selection of question types (or you can get your research off the ground even more quickly thanks to a range of survey templates).

Once your survey is complete (you’ll see responses coming in real-time), it’s also super simple to analyse the results. Slice and dice the data by toggling demographic filters, check out Attest’s AI insights feature, and export your data to your preferred software – all features are available to you, regardless of what plan you’re on.

Suzy: Suzy is tailored to professional researchers but it’s also user-friendly enough to be used across different business teams. However, because you’re charged per-seat, it’s not conducive for collaboration (Attest offers unlimited platform access at no extra cost). Not only are you restricted on how many people can utilize the platform, you’re also restricted on the features you can use according to your subscription.


Attest: Because we work with multiple panels, you can reach 125 million respondents in 58 markets. In-platform, you can easily choose the target audience you require for any particular survey. Our selection of demographics ranges from basics like age and location, through to things like household income, employment sector and pet ownership. Simply pick and mix what you want and you’ll see the available audience. The price per response stays the same, regardless of how granular you wish to go with your targeting.

Attest audience demographics and filters

Suzy: Suzy work with their own panel of US consumers, which has 50k active monthly verified respondents. Their consumer network is called Crowdtap and users are incentivised by the opportunity to earn points for answering questions. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, digital subscriptions and charities.

One issue with single-source panels is that they’re optimised for similar profiles of respondents with similar motivations for participating. Another problem with small, owned panels is that it can result in panel fatigue – this is where the same people respond to surveys continuously and data quality can go down.

Reach 125 million people in 59 markets

Comprehensive global audiences combined with robust quality checks and dedicated research expertise gives you consumer insights you can trust.

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Use cases


  • Brand tracking  and NPS surveys
  • Consumer profiling
  • Creative asset testing
  • Campaign insights (pre/post)
  • Competitor analysis
  • New product development
  • Market analysis
  • Jobs to be done


  • Concept testing
  • Product development
  • Shopper insights
  • Consumer profiling
  • Competitive analysis


Attest: As an Attest customer, you’ll benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager who acts as a consistent point of contact and is there to help whenever you need them. You’ll receive bespoke onboarding and training, as well support from the Attest Customer Research Team. This team exists to ensure your success, supporting your projects and making sure your get optimal output from the insights you get through the platform.

Suzy: Suzy offer a set number of support hours per year depending on the package you’re on. And they also charge for onboarding. By comparison, you can speak to your Attest CSM whenever you want, and we don’t charge for onboarding – even for additional team members.


Attest: Attest’s pricing is based on responses. Any question type, any respondent (even niche audiences), they’re all charged at one flat response rate. This means you’re charged purely for the number of answers you want.

We work with you to estimate how many responses you’re likely to need for your planned research projects and suggest an appropriate package of responses (i.e. an annual subscription). To support you with bigger research needs, we reduce the cost of a response as you scale your usage. So, if you want to ask lots of questions to lots of respondents, you can do so at a reduced cost. Another big benefit of working with Attest is that we offer unlimited user accounts so your whole team can collaborate on research projects.

Suzy: Suzy do not charge per response so there is no fixed cost. Instead, they have variable pricing based on the question types you want to use and the audiences you wish to access. Suzy’s pricing is designed for enterprises and the cost increases depending on the number of licences you need and the level of research support you require.

Why Attest is the best alternative to Suzy

Attest has all the plus points of Suzy – easy to use, super-fast insights – while offering higher quality data from a huge an international audience. For brands that are in more than one market or eyeing international expansion, it makes sense to choose a market research tool that can meet all your needs and scale as you do.

What’s more, Attest is designed to be flexible to all business types and needs. This flexibility is reflected in our pricing and the fixed cost you pay per response and flat fee for unlimited users, which helps growing businesses to stay in control of their budget.

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Launch your free 5-question survey and get responses from 100 consumers in the US or UK. We’re confident once you try out the Attest product experience, you’ll be convinced it’s a great Suzy alternative.

Nick White

Customer Research Lead 

Nick joined Attest in 2021, with more than 10 years' experience in market research and consumer insights on both agency and brand sides. As part of the Customer Research Team team, Nick takes a hands-on role supporting customers uncover insights and opportunities for growth.

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