Harnessing data for social purpose | The Jamie Oliver Group

Hear Ros from the Jamie Oliver Group talk about how consumer insights and social purpose can go hand-in-hand.

2024’s Brand Growth Summit was a huge success!

We welcomed Marketing, Brand and Insights leaders from some of the world’s top consumer brands to London’s Ham Yard Hotel. We heard from top speakers and panels about how they’re using consumer insights and AI to better understand their target customers.

Jamie Oliver has a long history of successful campaigning and social purpose initiatives.

As his company prepared to relaunch Ministry of Food at home and abroad they needed an up-to-date view of the landscape and consumer need.

Rosalind Godber – Head of Marketing at The Jamie Oliver Group – explains how they used consumer research to better understand how Jamie could engage audiences relevantly and credibly in this space – while at the same time building out a compelling case for potential partners to get involved.

Marcus Evans

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