Top 15 consumer insights software tools for market research in 2023

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Consumer insights software provides businesses with valuable information about their customers. This data can help you better understand customer behavior and preferences, and enables you to make more informed decisions about product development, marketing and sales strategies. 

Consumer insights software can be used to collect and analyze insights from a variety of sources, including online surveys, social media, and customer purchase data. This can save your customer insights team time and energy in the long run.

The software can also track customer satisfaction levels over time, allowing you to identify trends and areas for improvement. By using consumer insights software, you can gain a wealth of valuable information that can be used to improve the overall customer experience.

ToolPricingKey features
AttestStart at $0.50 per response for up to 50,000Access to a designated research expert
Reach 125 million people in 58 countries
Data triple-checked with AI and human checks for quality
LatanaContact for pricing informationMobile-optimized surveys
Niche targeting options
Super easy to use
SurveyMonkeyTeam Advantage plan for $30 a month per userEasily create and send surveys
Collect responses via multiple channels
Automatically analyze results
TolunaCustom pricing based on needsEngage in live discussions with customers
Global panel of 40+ million
Interactive dashboard with in-platform analytics
RemeshContact for pricing informationLive conversations with up to 1,000 people
AI analyzed responses
Real-time analysis of open-ended responses
PollfishStarts at $95 a monthMobile-first surveys
Quick setup and response collection
Uses organic sampling
TalkwalkerCustom pricing for tailored productAI-powered insights and automation
Visual analytics center
Blue Silk technology for combining external and internal data
AudienseAudience Insights plan for $696 a monthMachine learning for audience segmentation
Personality Insights
Detailed audience attributes
QualarooStarts at $80 a monthAutomate feedback mining with sentiment analysis
Automatic responses
Data visualization for quicker analysis
AffogataContact for pricing informationReal-time tracking of feedback, conversations and trends
AI analysis
Detailed reporting
PureSpectrumCustom pricing based on needsReal-time results
Data visualization options
Direct access to respondents without third-party markups
11AntsFree trial using own data, contact for pricing infoLeverages data from retailer loyalty programs
Consumer scoring module
Micro-segment builder
Birdie.aiContact for pricing informationFocus on product teams
Uses public data
AI analyzes hundreds of thousands of reviews
Answer the PublicLimited free searchesPlans start at $79 a monthShows related questions for any keywords
Categorizes and visualizes searches
Available in a wide range of languages
Think with GoogleFreeLatest insights from Google researchers, consumer journey and trend focus, data from the world’s largest search engine

But… which one to choose? 

Check out our list of the top 15 software platforms for 2023. From big data analytics to survey tools, these platforms will help you get a clear picture of your customers’ needs and wants. 

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15 consumer insight software tools and platforms

1. Attest

Attest is a consumer insights platform that uses smart surveys to help you get to know your target consumers, which will help you make better marketing decisions. You can create surveys that are tailored to your specific needs, from scratch or based on our expert-written templates. 

You can choose from a variety of question types, including multiple choice, Likert scale and open-ended questions. Our demographic targeting also makes it easy to target your surveys to specific groups of people.

Surveys are completely anonymous, so you can be sure that your respondents will feel comfortable giving honest feedback. Plus, Attest’s powerful analysis tools and sleek dashboard makes analyzing and implementing your newfound knowledge a breeze.

Pricing: Our plans start at $0.50 per response for up to 50,000 responses.

Key features

  • Reach 125 million million people in 59 countries
  • Mixture of AI and human checks give you ultra-high data quality
  • Access to a designated research expert to guide you through your research project

I’ve seen a really good consistency in the results which tells me that the sample is of a high quality—it’s got that integrity within the data.

Grant Warnock, Head of Business Intelligence at Nutmeg

Use case

Attest works for consumer brands of every shape and size who want to get closer to their target audience. Our consumer profiling tool will help you build detailed personas that can be used across all departments in your organization, to make customer-centric decisions. See our consumer profiling case studies for more information

Attest consumer insights survey example

While all segments are largely shopping online, we found out interesting extra details, like board game enthusiasts are much more likely to back something on Kickstarter and buy from certain small independent stores.

Becky McKinlay, Head of Marketing at Big Potato Games

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2. Latana

Latana is a customer insight tracking tool that prides itself in its ease of use—both for brands and consumers. 

You can get to know your customers through mobile-optimized surveys that are delivered to them on their smartphones, opening you up to surveying 4 billion mobile users in over 100 countries. Lantana has segmentation options that will help you create niche audiences, but you are limited to mobile surveys.

Pricing: Latana does not mention pricing or plans on their website, so reach out to their sales team for more information.

Key features

  • Mobile-optimized surveys
  • Niche targeting options
  • Super easy to use

Use case: Nobody wants to answer tons of questions on their phone, so Latana really is perfect for a quick survey. Ask your audience one or a couple of hyper specific questions for maximum results.

Latana consumer insights

3. SurveyMonkey

One of the most well-known survey platforms is SurveyMonkey, which can help a great deal in collecting consumer insights. You get access to integrated panels accessing 144M+ people in over 130 countries, which should be enough to get to know your target group pretty well!

Pricing: Their Team Advantage plan costs $30 a month, per user, billed annually. Check out their other plans.

Key features:

  • Easily create and send surveys
  • Collect responses via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and more.
  • Automatically analyze your results in their dashboard

Use case: SurveyMoney is great for launching a quick survey and getting to know your audience better. Thanks to its ease of use you’ll have your survey up and running in no time.

Surveymonkey consumer insights

4. Toluna

Toluna is a complete solution that covers all things consumer insights. You can learn all about satisfaction and loyalty, determine the size of your market, get your NPS and walk the customer journey—all from the same solution. 

Pricing: It’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so reach out to their team so schedule a demo and discuss price.

Key features:

  • Engage in live discussions with your customers
  • Draw insights from their global panel of 40+ million
  • Interactive dashboard with in-platform analytic capabilities

Use case: Toluna is a very complete solution that can be tailored to your specific research needs, so use it wisely. This one’s perfect for larger businesses that invest a lot of time and effort in their research.

Toluna customer insights platform

5. Remesh

Remesh is a tool for gaining qualitative insights at scale. It allows you to engage and understand a live audience in real-time, so you can make decisions based on their feedback. 

With Remesh, you can get an accurate picture of your customers’ needs and wants, and adjust your offerings accordingly. 

Pricing: Get in touch with their team to get pricing information

Key features

  • Have live conversations with up to a 1,000 people at once
  • Answers and conversations analyzed by AI
  • Ability to analyze open-ended responses in real-time

Use case: Remesh is a great tool to use when you’re in the middle of developing a new product or improving an existing one, and want your innovation to revolve around what consumers really want and think.

Remesh consumer insights software

6. Pollfish

Pollfish is a survey tool that delivers real-time responses from 250 million+ consumers around the world. With their simple tool, you can conduct market research with ease, collecting valuable insights into your target market. 

It comes with A/B testing capabilities, to test different versions of your questionnaire to see what works best. Plus, their advanced questionnaire logic ensures that your surveys are tailored to each individual respondent. 

Speed is at the core of Pollfish: respondents find the surveys in third-party apps, for instance while playing a game, so they answer quickly, giving you instant results.

Pricing: The cheapest Pollfish pricing starts at $95 a month, which gives you 100 respondents, and up to five questions per survey. 

Key features

  • Mobile-first, presenting surveys in third-party apps
  • Quick to set up, and quick to collect responses
  • Uses ‘organic sampling’: surveying consumers through the devices and services they are organically engaged in

Use case: Pollfish is great if you want to collect answers quickly, to steer your consumer insight research in the right direction. You can ask anything, from measuring the effectiveness of your campaign to product preferences.

Pollfish consumer insights software

7. Talkwalker

Talkwalker has their so-called The Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform, which comes with various solutions that will help you get to know your target audience better. The AI-powered tool lets you monitor all customer conversations, from reviews to feedback.

Pricing: Talkwalker users all get a tailored product, so reach out to them for a custom price

Key features

  • Talkwalker’s Visual Analytics Center takes all the daily signals and data and visualizes them in a simple user interface, helping your team to quickly make sense of this insight 
  • AI-powered insights and automation engine that works with various customer data points (text, images, videos, audio) across 187 languages
  • Blue Silk™ technology combines external and internal data, from consumers and customers

Use case: Talkwalker is for the more advanced consumer insight research, giving you access to a customized toolkit. You can use it to gather feedback, ask questions, and conversations across a range of touchpoints for a complete view on customer insights.

Talkwalker consumer insights tool

8. Audiense

Audiense is all about detailed audience segmentation. It will help you put consumer segmentation and cultural understanding together, fueling your consumer insights with an extra layer. The tool uses social data and machine learning to help you create highly detailed personas.

Pricing: There’s a free limited version of Twitter Marketing and Audience Insights, but to leverage all its strengths, take the Audience Insights plan for $696 a month.

Key features

  • Machine learning analyzes connections between the people in your target audience for detailed segmentation
  • Personality Insights feature uncovers the psychological inclinations of your audience
  • Create highly detailed audiences based on 175 different attributes 

Use case: From simply identifying your target audience, to getting to know them on a very deep level: Audiense does it all. It’s also great for incorporating existing data and social media in your consumer market research.

Audiense consumer segmentation platform

9. Qualaroo

With Qualaroo, you gather information from visitors on your website or app, who are presented with your survey. This, of course, means you won’t be asking a lot of lengthy questions—that’s not what people came for—but you can get super specific information from people who are already familiar with your brand, for instance about their website visit purpose or how happy they are with the app.

Pricing: Depending on your number of page views, plans start at $80 a month when billed annually.

Key features

  • Automate Feedback Mining with sentiment analysis
  • Set up automatic responses for certain sentiments that are being picked up
  • Data visualization for quicker analysis

Use case: This consumer insight tool focuses on collecting feedback from your target group—so it’s always the right time to do so. Especially after launching new products or campaigns.

Qualaroo customer insights platform

10. Affogata

Affogata is an AI-driven platform that gives you the insights you need to improve your products and services in real-time. It tracks customer feedback from the open web and internal sources, so you can always be sure you’re getting the latest information. It focuses on gaming, fintech, consumer goods and insurance.

Pricing: Get in touch with them for a demo and custom pricing

Key features

  • Track feedback, conversations, interests and trends in real-time
  • AI does the analysis, so you don’t have to
  • Send out detailed reports to the right departments immediately

Use case: When improving your product, consumer insights are key. Affogata will help you collect relevant information regarding your product, so you can easily implement it in your next round of the design stage.

Affogata AI driven consumer insights software

11. PureSpectrum Market Research Insights Platform

PureSpectrum is an all round market research tool that allows you to set up your own research according to your needs. From concept testing before launch to analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns post-launch: you can do it all here.

Pricing: Get in touch with them for a custom quote

Key features

  • Gather real-time results to act when it’s most relevant
  • Play around with data visualization options to get crystal clear reports
  • Respondents are accessed directly without third-party markups. 

Use case

PureSpectrum works in 60+ countries and is specifically interesting for targeting niche B2B and consumer audiences. It works for a wide variety of market research purposes, including customers’ experience, customer satisfaction and other data that will fuel your future business decisions.

PureSpectrum consumer research tool

12. 11Ants

If you’re looking for a way to rapidly unlock customer insights from retailer loyalty programs, 11Ants is the solution for you. 11Ants takes the data generated by your loyalty program and transforms it into a company-wide asset, allowing you to leverage your investment in loyalty programs to get a more in-depth understanding of your customers. 

Pricing: You need to reach out to get info on pricing, but they do advertise a free trial using your own data.

Key features

  • Leverages data from retailer loyalty programs
  • Consumer scoring module lets you identify the most promising target groups
  • Micro segment builder for detailed segments and plans of action

Use case

If you have a lot of data from a loyalty program that has just been sitting on a shelf, now’s the time to leverage it. 11Ants will help you make sense of the data collected through those programs to get to know your customers better, and offer better incentives for increased loyalty.

11Ants customer loyalty diagram


If you’re like most product teams, you’re always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition. And one of the best ways to do that is by understanding your consumers better than anyone else. That’s where Birdie comes in.

Birdie is an AI powered tool that helps you get actionable insights into your consumers. It pulls data from several public and private sources, combining them to create the first product intelligence cloud platform. That means you can access all the data you need in one place, and make better decisions about your product development and marketing strategies.

Pricing: No prices are mentioned on their website, so book a demo to find out more.

Key features

  • Focus on product teams
  • Uses public data
  • Uses AI to analyze hundreds of thousands of reviews

Use case: If you’re developing a new product, Birdie won’t just help you get to the market quicker, but with a better-built product, with a foundation of consumer insights. This one is for product teams who really want to work with what their customers are asking of them. customer insights

14. Answer the Public

It’s not technically software, but it is highly valuable. Answer the Public gives you a visual of what people are looking for in search bars—aka: what they are thinking about. Specific questions and long tail keywords can be a great addition to your consumer research to confirm what is going on in your target audience’s head. 

Pricing: They offer free searches—over 500k a month—but if those run out, their cheapest plan starts at only $79 a month.

Key features

  • Shows related questions for any keywords
  • Categorizes and visualizes searches for easy reporting
  • Available in almost any language

Use case: You can’t read the minds of your customers, but you can check out the data on what they have been asking their favorite search engine platform. This is a great tool to start off your market research and find out what matters to consumers, without surveying them directly.

Answerthepublic customer research tool

15. Think with Google

And last but not least: why do your own consumer insight research, if the tool with access to insane amounts of data does it for you? Think with Google is the go-to place for up-to-date and surprising articles on anything consumer insights. Keep an eye on your industry and uncover insights you couldn’t possibly get from any other tool.

Pricing: Free!

Key features

  • Read the latest insights from Google researchers 
  • Focus on consumer journey or consumer trends
  • Data from the largest search engine in the world

Use case: Think with Google is a great place to start out your market research and narrow down what type of consumer insight you will be focusing on, based on what market trends are saying.

Think with Google customer research tool

What to consider before choosing a customer insights platform

When it comes to market research, no single tool can do everything. And while there are a number of software platforms on the market, not all of them are created equal. So, how do you know which one is right for your needs? 

As the world of marketing data continues to grow and evolve, so too does the need for powerful and effective consumer insight software. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a software solution for your business. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind when evaluating consumer insight software:

  • First, consider the specific needs of your business. What kinds of insights are you looking to glean from your data? Make sure that the software you choose offers the features and functionality you need.
  • Take into account the scale of your operation. If you have a large marketing team, you’ll need a software solution that can handle a high volume of data. On the other hand, if you’re a smaller operation, you may not need as robust a solution.
  • Think about your budget. Consumer insight software can vary widely in price, so it’s important to set a clear budget before beginning your search. By considering these three factors, you can narrow down the field of options and find the best consumer insight software for your business.
  • Research how relevant the tool you’ve got your eye set on is to your audience: does it offer an audience that matches with yours? Does it present surveys or ask questions in places where your audience hangs out? Check out which other companies have used the tool and read their case studies to see if it’s a match.
  • Find out what type of data they focus on. Some tools specialize in things like customers’ satisfaction, while others are better at collecting feedback about products. What type of consumer insights does it collect? Choose a tool that matches your research intent and the goals of this market research.
  • How do they ensure the quality of your consumer insights? What is their data quality policy? Find out how they make sure that the data is clean and accurate. Don’t hesitate to ask their sales team about the data collection methods—they should know this and be proud of it!
  • What ROI have they been able to deliver for similar businesses? Before you invest in any tool, talk to the team to find out what the numbers say.

We feel much more confident about our brand now. We feel that we’re making decisions that we know in advance are going to have a good impact, because we can measure that stuff before we even roll it out.

Find out how Bought By Many disrupted their market with—you guessed it—consumer insights

Know your customers (and give them what they want)

Consumer insights software provides businesses with a way to collect and analyze data about their customers. This information can be used to improve customer service, develop better marketing strategies, and increase sales. 

Additionally, consumer insights software can help businesses to identify trends and understand what customers want. By using this type of software, businesses can gain a competitive edge and improve their bottom line.

If you’re looking to dig deep into consumer demographics and reveal, Attest is the #1 tool. Aside from sending detailed surveys, our team of dedicated experts is here to help you interpret your results, fast.

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FAQs about market research software

What is the best consumer insights platform?

With Attest, not only do you get access to a global audience of millions, but you’re also able to filter them to narrow it down to an audience that’s highly relevant to you. Our survey templates help you ask the questions that really matter.

What are examples of customer insights?

These are specific pieces of information that help you to understand what your customers want and need. For example, you might collect data on the types of products that your customers purchase, their demographics, or their buying habits. 

Why are consumer insights important?

Customer insights can help you to make decisions about your marketing, product development, and sales strategies. Additionally, customer insights can help you to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience. By taking the time to understand your customers, you can ensure that your business is meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

How can you use market research software to gather customer insights?

Choose a tool that allows you to directly talk to your audience or one that lets you analyze what they’re saying online without being in an active conversation with you. With Attest, you can survey your specific target group, filtering 250 million people across 58 countries.

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