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Creative testing Barriers & motivations

“We were able to turn it around very quickly. And because we were able to start analysing the video responses as we received them, it kept the project moving.”

Raquel Machado, Strategist, Barrows Global

Why should you use Video Responses?

Define and refine your products and services

Meet your target customers’ needs with a better, more nuanced understanding of their preferences and choices.

Get internal buy-in to your projects

Build a compelling internal business case with a narrative that showcases authentic sentiments from your target customers.

Easy to use
Make target customers say Aah, they really get me!

Cut through the noise of your competitors and build deeper brand resonance with your audience.

Why run qual research with Attest?

Plug + play with Video Response survey templates

Get started straight away with qual survey templates written by our research experts.

Learn your target customers’ barriers and motivations

Understand you target customers’ barriers and motivations, and how they affect their likelihood to buy.

Barriers and motivations template

Discover what target customers think about your assets

Explore the nuance of how your assets are perceived and how you can improve them, and launch with confidence.

Creative testing template

Get qual tips from research experts

Make sure your qual research gives you results you can be confident of, by getting advice from the experts. Our Customer Research Team has created a guide on how to craft great Video Response research.

Want to chat through your qual project?

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Quant and qual brand insights in one flexible platform

Understand you’re brand’s true position with quantitative insights, and learn how your target customers perceive your brand (and your competitors!) with qualitative insights from Attest.

See how Video Responses work

How Barrows aced a new client pitch using Video Responses

Qual research helped retail experience agency Barrows understand glasses wearers’ pain points and wow a prospective client. Read on for the full case study.

Read how Barrows did it

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

A Video Response Project can capture opinions from up to 30 people in the US or the UK, and include up to 12 questions. Of these questions, up to 4 can be qualifiers, up to 4 can be standard questions and up to 4 can be videos that a responder records of themselves.

5,000 Credits.

During the Offer Period, you can run one Video Response Project for 3,750 Credits (a 25% discount).

The offer will run for a limited time only, between [15] April 2024 and [30] May 2024.

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– This offer will be available between [15] April 2024 and [30] May 2024 (the ‘**Offer Period**’). Only Video Response projects launched between 12:01AM GMT on [15] April 2024 and 11:59PM GMT on [30] May 2024 will be eligible for this offer. Video Response projects created but not scheduled to launch after this time will not be eligible.
– This offer is limited to 1 Video Response Project per Attest Customer (being each organisation with a valid Order Form in place during the Offer Period and that has access to the Video Response feature).
– The offer permits each Attest customer to complete 1 Video Response Project during the Offer Period, at a reduced credit rate of 3,750 credits (to the standard rate of 5,000 credits per Video Response project).
– Promotional credits will be offset from the eligible cost of a Video Response project by way of refund to the customer’s credit account by no later than [31 May 2024].
– For example, an Attest customer launches a new Video Response project on 10th of May. The standard cost for the project will be automatically deducted from the Customer’s total credit allocation at the point of launch. The promotional credits (1,250 credits) will be refunded to the Customer on or by [31 May] 2024.
– This offer is only available for use with Video Response projects, and does not apply to any other survey functionality within the Attest platform. Unless authorised by Attest, promotional credits cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional or incentive offer from Attest.

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