How Barrows developed
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Qual research helped Barrows understand glasses wearers’ pain points and wow a prospective client.

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Retail experience agency Barrows had been invited to pitch for a lenswear brand and wanted to go the extra mile to make their proposal for a flagship store concept stand out. 

The client had provided some information, so we had these main insights, but when you’re working on a pitch, you want to impress the client and you want to tell a super impactful story. So we wondered, how can we bring more depth to this?

Raquel Machado, Strategist, Barrows Global


Barrows opted to use Attest’s Video Responses feature in order to gather qualitative feedback from glasses wearers. They wanted to hear about the process they go through when shopping for new frames and lenses. For example, what motivates consumers to go to certain stores, or is it important to be supported by healthcare professionals? 

As a team of non-glasses wearers, getting verbatim responses from consumers enabled them to uncover pain points that they wouldn’t otherwise have known to ask about. 

With qual, you don’t know exactly what to expect. You can find nuggets that are unexpected that you never thought of before. We didn’t know what the experience of being a glasses wearer was like so being able to receive this sort of detailed description was really key.

It was the first time Barrows had used Attest’s Video Responses feature and they found it as intuitive and speedy as running a regular survey.

We were able to turn it around very quickly. On a pitch everything needs to be super quick. I think the whole process from sending the survey out to getting results was three to four days. And because we were able to start analysing the video responses as we received them, it kept the project moving.


The qual research that Barrows ran on Attest highlighted some interesting themes, including the importance of trust when buying glasses. Barrows used this insight to add nuance to “big numbers” derived from quantitative research.

Video Responses are good if you need to get that extra layer. It’s almost like having an onion that you can peel and find out what’s inside. Having the qual meant that while we were telling the story, we could talk about people’s experiences and give direct quotes, which really added value to the presentation.

According to Barrows, the pitch to the lenswear brand was a success.

The client was just so impressed with the fact that we went above and beyond to do our own primary research to understand a bit more. It’s not like we really needed to do that to be able to create a concept but it definitely elevated our response.

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