Introducing… Qual research made easy with Attest!

We've just launched Video Responses! You can easily run reliable qual research in the same intuitive platform as your quant research with Attest. Read on to find out more about Video Responses...

It’s (relatively) easy to do qualitative video research; it’s hard to do it well. 

Until now!!

That’s because we’ve just launched Video Responses – your new way to run reliable qualitative video interview research in the US and UK, all without the time and cost of other methods. 

Why are we launching Video Responses?

We know that many qualitative market research methods can be expensive, time consuming and slow to analyze. So to make sure you have access to qual research you can rely on, without the cost, hassle and time, we’ve launched Video Responses.

What are Video Responses?

At Attest, we make it fast and simple to run reliable research to your target customers, whatever your research method. 

So we’ve applied that same approach to qual research with Video Responses. This is to make sure you can get all the best bits of qual (discovering new ideas, bolstering your quant data with verbatim feedback, deeper understanding of what makes your customers tick) without the bad bits (time, money and effort).

Video Responses is our way to bring you qualitative research you can rely on, in a way that you and your business can digest. 

Now you can get responses from your target customers in the US and UK that they record when they’re ready to. And you can analyze the feedback in the Attest platform, alongside all of your awesome quant research.

What makes Video Responses from Attest so great?

It’s easy 

In our mission to make it ridiculously easy to get good consumer insights, our platform lets you set up your survey, and gather and analyze your results—from straightforward NPS surveys to in-depth trackers and qualitative video studies—in one easy-to-use place.

It’s fast

You’ll be able to discover key themes from your Video Responses quickly too, with our automated transcriptions. And for an even deeper dive you can download your videos to share with your organization. 

It’s reliable and robust

We use our robust and representative audience panel methodology to gather your Video Responses. One of the brilliant things about our audience approach is that it means you get your responses back faster than many other methods and providers, while maintaining reliability and being truly representative of your ideal customers.

And this is also true for Video Responses! You can get high-quality verbatim feedback from your target audience in hours and days with Attest, not weeks and months.

Here’s Attest CEO and Founder Jeremy King on why we’re so excited about offering you qual insights with Video Responses… 

We’re so happy to launch Video Responses in the Attest platform! We’ve been working hard on this behind the scenes for a while so we can’t wait for brands to start getting their qualitative responses back.

As consumer behaviors and preferences continue to evolve at lightning speed, it’s products like Video Responses that will help brands win more based on decisions made with a deeper understanding of their customers.

Our hope is that Video Responses will become a vital part of how brands use Attest, so that they can easily run reliable qual and quant research side by side.

Jeremy King, CEO and Founder of Attest

How do I get my Video Responses?

If you’re an Attest customer you can simply add a Video Response question in your survey editor. Learn more about using Video Responses with Attest, and how to craft the perfect qualitative video study.

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