11 Innovative advertising and creative testing companies for ads that convert

We all know that dreaming up a creative idea and crafting a perfect ad campaign is a big deal, especially when you’re tight on cash or stretched thin with resources. That’s where a creative testing company comes in. A creative testing company is a specialized firm that helps you evaluate the effectiveness and appeal of advertising and marketing content before you launched it to the public.

These companies and tools offer invaluable services like assessing ad resonance, gauging emotional responses, and predicting ad performance. From quantitative and qualitative research solutions to full-service market research agencies, they let you take a sneak peek into how your ads might perform, ensuring you’re putting your money where it matters. It’s not just about spending wisely, but also a deep understanding of what your target audience is into.

But who are these companies and research services? What tools and key features are out there? Here’s our list of ten different options, to help you make a great choice and launch ads that impress your target audience and convert.

Here’s a summary of our list:

CompanyKey ServicesLocation
Attest– In-house research experts
– Global reach
– Fast results
– High quality, representative consumer insights
– Intuitive results dashboard
– Pit your creative against your competitors’
– Add Market Researcher to your CV
London, UK; New York City, USA
MetrixLab– Brand health diagnostics
– Sentiment analysis
– Creative testing
– Web UX optimization
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
DRG– Customized creative testing
– Online surveys
– Expertly facilitated focus groups
– Full research spectrum
Northumberland, UK
OnePulse– Pulse surveys
– Audience targeting
– Real-time insights dashboard
– Creative testing
London, UK
Nielsen– Creative testing solutions
– Audience measurement
– Retail measurement
– Brand effectiveness
Global (HQ in New York)
Kantar– Creative testing and optimization
– Brand growth
– Media evaluation
– Customer experience
Global (HQ in London)
Ace Metrix– Video creative testing
– Emotional measurement
– Brand tracking
Los Angeles, California, USA
Dynata– Ad effectiveness
– Customer segmentation
– Loyalty and retention analysis
Global (HQ in Texas, USA)
Qualtrics– Ad testing and brand research services
– Experience management
– Product development and testing
– Customer journey mapping
Global (HQ in Provo, Utah, USA)
SurveyMonkey– Survey design and distribution
– Market research services
– Creative testing
– Employee feedback
San Mateo, CA, USA

1. Attest

Dive into Attest, and you’re unlocking more than just another creative testing platform. At its core, Attest is your partner in gaining genuine insights from a whopping 125 million people in 59 countries.

Whether you’re on the verge of launching a new ad or thinking of a website overhaul, we’ve got you covered. And you’re not alone—our team of expert market researchers is here to guide you, ensuring your creative and advertising testing are on point and insightful.

Previously when we’ve had to do qualitative research, it’s taken months and months. Attest gets the information that we need quickly. By the very next day we’re able to implement some of the changes and then go back for round two.

Simon Gray, Head of Marketing, Zzoomm


  • Designated research expertise: Engage with our expert Customer Research Managers who provide personalized advice throughout your market research journey. From survey design to results analysis, they’re here to ensure your success. New to research? We’ve got you—our experts have crafted a creative testing survey template to give you the perfect inspo.
  • Global reach: Unlock access to our expansive panel with 125 million people in 59 countries. Whatever your target demographic, we connect you with the right audience to achieve rich insights.
  • Fast results: You get your research results back fast with Attest! Our multi-panel approach means we gather your representative audience from several sources, and this also means your survey results come in fast—so you can make decisions that matter, when they matter most.
  • High quality, representative consumer insights: Benefit from our multi-layered quality control processes that seamlessly integrate our advanced AI techniques and expert human oversight. With Attest, you can be confident that the data driving your decisions is accurate and reliable.
  • Intuitive results dashboard: Dive deeper into your results with our sophisticated—but easy to use—dashboard. You can easily set up research on loads of ad types—whether it’s a TV ad, outdoor advertising, fresh website messaging and everything in between—your data populates as it comes in, and you can see your results in a range of visualizations to make sure you’re getting the full picture. Great for concept testing for new products and much more.
  • Pit your creative against your competitors’: Gain a competitive edge by testing and comparing your creative assets against those of your competitors (that’s totally allowed by the way!). By understanding your industry landscape, we help you identify areas for improvement and strategic opportunities.
  • Add Market Researcher to your CV: As well as designated research advice from our Customer Research Team, you also get resources to help you do better creative testing on our Consumer Research Academy.

Location: HQ in London, UK. Plus an office in New York City.

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2. MetrixLab

MetrixLab (part of Toluna) takes a holistic approach to creative development, steering clients from an idea’s inception to the final advertisement. They offer a comprehensive suite of creative testing solutions, spanning from early-stage idea optimization to predictive ad performance forecasting. 

Their emphasis on in-context measurement ensures ads not only capture consumer attention but also emotionally resonate.


  • Brand Health Diagnostics: In-depth diagnosis of brand equity and more.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Gauge sentiment across social media platforms.
  • Creative Testing: Comprehensive testing across all ad formats.
  • Ad Performance Diagnosis: Evaluate ads’ performance across various mediums.
  • Digital Advertising Testing: Understand performance across screen formats.
  • Web UX Optimization: Enhance user experience on websites.
  • Media Effectiveness Evaluation: Across all touchpoints.
  • Social Media Campaign Oversight: Monitor and adjust campaigns.
  • Media Spend Analysis: In-depth study of all channel expenditures.
  • Tracking: Monitor digital, social, and PR activities.
  • Owned Media Effectiveness: Measure performance of owned media, including websites.

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

3. DRG

For over two decades, DRG has consistently delivered insights into consumer perceptions and attitudes towards advertising, product concepts, and positioning strategies. Their dedication to understanding consumer reactions is evident, whether through their renowned Radiogauge methodology or exploring interactions for clients like Canadian Affair. Now a key player in the Norstat Group, DRG continually evolves to ensure clients receive optimal strategies, analytics, and insights.


  • Customized Creative Testing: Bespoke testing using innovative research tools.
  • Online Surveys: Comprehensive surveys via Panelbase, tapping into over 370,000 UK adult members and extensive international panels.
  • Instant Reaction Analysis: Using Hot Spots & Heat Maps.
  • Expertly Facilitated Focus Groups: Deep dives into creative themes, messaging, and audience interaction.
  • Detailed Reporting: Workshop-style presentations for comprehensive insights.
  • Full Research Spectrum: Surveys, observations, sales data, social media analytics.
  • Expert Teams: In-house data science team, field team with full UK coverage, and qualified qualitative moderators.

Location: Northumberland, UK.

4. OnePulse

OnePulse aims to transform the market research industry by delivering real-time insights using a unique, concise survey method. By introducing their “Pulse” system—a three-question survey—they promise rapid, reliable, and fatigue-free responses. Born out of the necessity for real-time audience understanding, OnePulse fosters instantaneous interactions between businesses and respondents.


  • Pulse Surveys: Quick three-question format with features like multimedia integration and open-ended responses.
  • Audience Targeting: Mobile-first experience, custom audiences across 50 countries, and outreach options to external groups.
  • Real-time Insights Dashboard: Immediate results, interactive visuals, retargeting capabilities, and reports.
  • Creative Testing: Validate concepts in real-time, garner feedback from an always-on community, and refine creative approaches.

Location: London, UK.

5. Nielsen

Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics powerhouse, provides an in-depth understanding of consumer viewing and purchasing behaviors. Their unique approach integrates consumer data with advanced analytics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions.


  • Creative testing solutions: Delivering actionable recommendations to fine-tune advertising by analyzing reach, resonance, and consumer reactions.
  • Audience measurement: Insights into audience preferences across different platforms from TV to online streaming.
  • Retail measurement: Monitoring sales data to provide a clear picture of product performance across different markets.
  • Brand effectiveness: Evaluating brand recall and impact after the launch of campaigns.
  • Methodologies and tools: Both online and offline data collection methods and research methodologies, with the standout Nielsen BrainSights that uses EEG technology to understand subconscious reactions to ads.

Location: They operate globally, with headquarters in New York.

6. Kantar

Understanding that every brand has a unique story, Kantar delves deep, offering insights into the consumers and shoppers that drive a brand’s growth. Through their rich reservoir of trusted data and advertising intelligence, media planning becomes less of a guess and more of an informed decision. At each stage of the creative process, from ideation to execution, Kantar stands by, ensuring campaigns resonate based on genuine human truths and nuanced consumer behaviors. Their tools, like the predictive AI model, not only forecast creative effectiveness across markets but also recommend strategic tweaks, allowing for maximum ROI.


  • Creative testing and optimization: Comprehensive tools that span all phases of ad creation, from ideation to post-launch analysis.
  • Brand growth: Insights and strategies to identify growth opportunities.
  • Media evaluation: Analyzing the efficacy and reach of different media channels.
  • Customer experience: Understanding the journey of customers from awareness to loyalty.
  • Methodologies and tools: A rich mix of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, further amplified by state-of-the-art analytics and tailored consultancy services.

Location: Kantar has offices in over 50 countries, with their HQ in London.

7. Ace Metrix

Ace Metrix has carved a niche for itself as a leading technology firm with a focus on measuring the impact of video advertising. By leveraging advanced analytics and proprietary tools, they offer a deep dive into the effectiveness and resonance of video campaigns. This in-depth analysis equips businesses with invaluable insights, helping them fine-tune their content and make informed decisions.


  • Video creative testing: Focused tools for assessing video content on various platforms, evaluating parameters like watchability, intent to purchase, and emotional connection.
  • Emotional measurement: Analyzing the emotional quotient of ads and their resonance with viewers.
  • Brand tracking: Monitoring the brand’s position over time in relation to competitors.
  • Methodologies and tools: Unique tech that combines survey insights with behavioral data to provide a holistic view of video content efficacy.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

8. Dynata

Dynata is a global provider of first-party data grounded in opinions and behaviors, aiming to offer a 360-degree view of consumers. Their data-driven insights empower businesses to refine their creative strategies, ensuring that their messages resonate authentically with target audiences.


  • Ad effectiveness: All-inclusive tools to evaluate the complete impact of ad campaigns, both in the digital space and in traditional media.
  • Customer segmentation: Categorizing the target audience based on their behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns.
  • Loyalty and retention analysis: Understanding customer loyalty factors and ways to enhance retention.
  • Methodologies and tools: An intricate combination of multiple data points, anchored by rich primary data, and merged with the latest in analytical technology.

Location: Dynata has a global reach, headquartered in Texas.

9. Qualtrics

Qualtrics, a leading creative testing enterprise, stands at the forefront of innovation in gathering and analyzing stakeholder feedback. With a primary emphasis on evaluating and refining customer, employee, product, and brand experiences, Qualtrics offers businesses unique insights into the effectiveness of their creative endeavors. Their state-of-the-art platform provides tools tailored for in-depth creative assessments, enabling organizations to fine-tune their offerings and branding based on real-world feedback.


  • Ad Testing & Brand Research Services: In-depth tools designed for ad testing, messaging effectiveness, and campaign assessment paired with instantaneous feedback mechanisms.
  • Experience Management: Tools designed to optimize the four pillars of experiences: customer, employee, product, and brand.
  • Product Development & Testing: Insights into what products will resonate with the market.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Visual representation of every experience your customers have with you.
  • Methodologies & Tools: Their XM platform shines with its advanced text analytics, predictive analytics, and an easy-to-navigate UI.

Location: Based in Provo, Utah, USA, but operates globally.

Number of Employees: Approximately 3,000.

10. SurveyMonkey

 SurveyMonkey is one of the world’s leading survey platforms, enabling businesses, academic institutions, and various organizations to create and distribute surveys for data collection and analysis. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive toolset, SurveyMonkey has revolutionized the way feedback is captured, making it accessible and actionable for users of all skill levels.


  • Survey design and distribution: Craft custom surveys using a library of questions or design from scratch.
  • Market research services: Conduct market studies and gather insights to inform business decisions.
  • Creative testing: Ad testing, logos, and other creatives for target audience reception and feedback.
  • Employee feedback: Understand employee satisfaction, engagement, and areas for improvement.
  • Data analysis and reports: Analyze survey results with advanced data tools and generate shareable reports.

Location: San Mateo, CA, USA.

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Attest harmoniously merges research freedom with expertise where it’s needed. You’re not just getting expert support from seasoned professionals—you’re partnering with an approachable team that values your perspective.

And when it comes to data quality? Our triple-checked market research is something you can bet your marketing budget on.


What does an advertising concept testing company do?

An advertising concept testing company evaluates and measures the effectiveness and resonance of advertising concepts before they’re fully executed and released to the public. This involves collecting and analyzing consumer feedback on various ad elements such as message clarity, visual appeal, emotional connection, and call-to-action strength. The goal is to refine and develop the ad concept to ensure it achieves the desired impact and ROI once launched.

What should I look for in a creative testing company?

When seeking a creative testing company for your market research, consider the following criteria:
– Expertise and track record: Experience in testing ads specific to your industry and demonstrated success with past clients.
– Methodological diversity: Use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
– Technological infrastructure: Access to advanced tools, software, and platforms for deeper insights.
– Global reach: Ability to test ads in multiple markets if your brand operates internationally.
– Customized solutions: Flexibility in approach based on your unique needs and campaign objectives.
– Transparent reporting: Clear presentation of results, actionable insights, and recommendations.

Who is the #1 creative testing company?

If you value data quality, full control, swift turnaround, and user-friendly tools, Attest is your top choice. Attest provides an intuitive platform for gathering real-time feedback, enabling brands to test and tweak their ad creatives quickly. Plus, we stand out by offering the support of designated research experts, ensuring that each campaign is optimized for success based on rich insights. With Attest, you get a perfect blend of technological prowess and human expertise. While companies like Nielsen, Kantar, and Toluna often make the list, it’s important to note that “best” depends on your specific needs and goals.

How can Attest help me to create convincing ad creatives?

Diving into what your customers really want? Attest has got your back. Here’s what you can get with Attest:

  • Quick feedback: Publish a survey, get feedback on your ads, and see what clicks and what doesn’t.
  • Deep dive analysis: Instead of just numbers, get a real feel for what’s working and what might need a second look.
  • Optimize based on insights: Refine your ad content based on the feedback, ensuring it resonates with the intended target audience.
  • Benchmark against competitors: Compare your ad’s performance against industry standards or direct competitors to ensure you stand out.

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