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A lot goes into a piece of creative. The design, messaging, and copy all matter, and there are many other nuances, like size and placement, that determine how it resonates. We’ve all felt the pain of releasing a piece of creative, whether it’s a new packaging design or a video ad, into the wild and not seeing the results we hoped for. It’s a costly mistake, both in terms of money and valuable time. So what if you knew which creative your target audience prefers before launching a campaign?. Or, what those audiences didn’t like about your competitors’ ads, so you could position your brand favourably against them?

What is creative testing?

Creative testing is a way to compare two or more creative assets or messages, to identify which is best at driving results with the right consumers. It’s the best way to make sure your creative resonates before getting that expensive ad spot or shelling out for a complete branding overhaul.

By running creative testing surveys, you’ll gather feedback on creative assets to help improve the final product. Whether you’re aiming to heighten awareness of your brand, drive conversion, or bolster your reputation, you’ll be able to foresee how a message or creative output will impact your overall business goal, and optimise for the best possible results.

By making regular creative testing a part of your marketing process, you’ll save money and time, and most importantly, you’ll create the happiest possible prospective customers. not to mention have happier prospective customers). The best part? Once you know what your audience likes, you’ll be able to use the learnings gathered as-you-go to optimise future projects.

By making regular creative testing a part of your marketing process, you’ll save money and time, and most importantly, you’ll create the happiest possible prospective customers.

Why should I run creative tests?

Launching an advert into the public domain that isn’t backed up by data means you’re taking a big risk. Some ill-thought-out creative could cost you reputation, customer loyalty, and a large chunk of your marketing budget. You’re essentially flying blind.

By running creative tests, you’ll reduce the risk of publishing unsuccessful ads. Testing early and often means you know which ads work best before a campaign goes live, massively reducing the risk of sunken costs, while also increasing the return on your marketing investment.

Creative testing also helps you uncover honest opinions without biases getting in the way. The data you collect is accurately representative of what your audience thinks about your campaign, as opposed to the rest of your marketing team or your existing customers (who, hopefully, already love what you do). By surveying unbiased consumers at large, you’ll ensure that the content you put out into the world creates positive associations with your brand, and sends out exactly the right message.

Get started with this template

Creative testing FAQs

What is creative testing?

Creative tests exist to help you develop your messaging and decide on the most effective creative to differentiate and get noticed by your target audience. Ask questions to see how creative can be improved before launch and make sure that your campaigns drive the desired outcome with your customers.

How do you test a creative concept?

When deciding on effective creative, we all want to guess less and be right more often. Using this template you can find out what message your creative is and whether that aligns to the goal set out for the campaign. You can also find out what consumers like or dislike about your creative and how it can be improved before launch to make the most of your marketing budget.

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Our research experts have created free survey templates to get you started. To use our creative testing survey template, all you need to do is sign up for an account.

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How do I get started?

With our creative testing survey template, you can simply input your creative, and we’ll connect you to our 125 million consumers worldwide – then you can watch the results roll in in real-time. To get started with creative testing, you’ll need some creative options to test. If you only have one variation, you can test against a competitor with a similar goal.

Next, you’ll need to decide the goal of the test, which should support the goal of your campaign. For example, if the campaign is designed to associate your brand with “safety”, then test which of your ad variations consumers most closely associated with that word.

Make sure you understand who this creative will eventually be unleashed to (essentially, who it’s for). A good survey tool allows you to target the specific audience you’ll target with the live ad, so that you can test your creative with the people it’s aimed at. This is a good time to look beyond hard demographics – are there any qualifying questions that you could ask that match the behaviours, habits, and attitudes of your ideal audience?

Get started with this template

What is Attest?

Attest is an always-on, end-to-end survey platform where you can draft your own survey questions, target audiences and surface actionable insights, all in one place and in real-time. Unlike working with a research agency or conducting a focus group, Attest’s is a best-in-class technology platform that is truly end-to-end. With built-in demographic breakdowns, 7 different question types, and respondents at the ready, you can test a new idea, track brand awareness, and uncover consumer trends all in one platform.

With our paid plans you can access our audience of 125 million consumers across 59 markets, with our Growth plan you can reach consumers in the UK and US and with our free plan you can still make use of our powerful survey builder and analysis platform, while sending surveys to your own contacts.

With our paid plans customers use us for concept testing surveys, value proposition development, and a ton of new product development.