How Zzoomm powered up their new broadband offering

Broadband startup Zzoomm needed help naming their new products and wanted feedback from real consumers.

Creative testing
Oxford, UK
50-500 employees


As a new disruptive player in the broadband industry, Zzoomm were looking to understand how best to position their products and services to appeal to their target demographics. They particularly wanted guidance on naming.

We’re coming into this market as a Full Fibre provider, but that was lacking in the title of our products. So we wanted to test a range of different names to see whether people actually responded to ‘Full Fibre’ or whether they responded better to numbers relating to the speed of the service.

Simon Gray, Head of Marketing, Zzoomm


Zzoomm chose to work with Attest because it meant they could quickly conduct the research in house, without having to go out on the street to poll the public as they had in the past. They used a qualifying question to make sure respondents were responsible for purchasing broadband in their households. 

As well as gathering feedback on various naming options, Zzoomm ran additional surveys to understand the most incentivizing pricing structures and contract terms, and the most desirable brand colorways.

Previously when we’ve had to do qualitative research, it’s taken months and months. Attest gets the information that we need quickly. By the very next day we’re able to implement some of the changes and then go back for round two.


According to Zzoomm, the feedback they gained from Attest was instrumental in shaping the new products and services they launched at the beginning of 2023, providing clear signposting on naming, as well as prompting a brand colourways change.

We found that a lot of people don’t like our current website. We discovered that tweaking our colorways and simplifying how we are designing things makes our brand seem much more trustworthy and mainstream.

After launching the new products, Zzoomm hit a new milestone, with 10,000 customers across the UK. As the business grows and develops, they plan to use Attest to guide their strategy.

The insights gathered from our Attest surveys have influenced decisions taken by the Commercial team. We plan to continually utilize Attest to ensure that our offering is attractive to our customers and prospects alike.

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