Top 15 consumer insights companies for data-driven customer profiling in 2023

Tired of guessing what customers want? None of that guesswork helps you understand consumers better. That’s why you need a consumer insights company that specializes in offering data-driven market research findings. 

A consumer insights company or platform uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to capture and analyze customer data relevant to your brand. These market research firms let you understand consumer habits, product usage, and purchase behavior. You can use these insights to create the right products, pricing, or packaging. Consumer research companies also help you make strategic decisions based on market trends and competitor intelligence. 

Need a consumer insights software or market research company for your business needs? Check out the 12 top consumer research agencies for data-driven customer profiling in this article.

Consumer insights agencyBest forLocationKey use casesPricing
AttestConsumer profilingLondon (UK) & New York (NY)– Brand tracking
– Creative testing
– Market analysis
– New product development
Free trial available, pricing on request
Decision AnalystResearch and analyticsArlington (TX)– Qualitative research
– Strategic surveys
– Advanced analytics
Available on request
SurveymonkeyCustomer feedbackSan Mateo (CA)– Surveys
– Quizzes
– Polls
Starts at $384 annually
LatanaAudience analysisBerlin (Germany)– Audience segmentation
– Competitor analysis
– Brand performance research
– Industry benchmarking
Available on request
TolunaMarket analysisNorwalk (CT)– New product development
– Brand health analysis
– Survey solutions
– Advertising and creative understanding
– Market testing
Available on request
P&K ResearchSensory researchChicago (IL)– Online research
– Needs exploration
– Prototype screening
– Concept screening
Available on request
QuantilopeAutomated market research deliveryNew York (NY)– Price perception testing
– Consumer segmentation
– Brand association research
– Customer satisfaction analysis
Available on request
Insider IntelligenceData analysis and forecastsNew York (NY)– Industry KPI reporting
– Industry benchmark reports
– Consumer behavior forecasts
Available on request
ComscoreCross-platform audience insightsReston (VA)– Audience measurement
– Advertising effectiveness
– Digital business analytics
– Mobile network analytics
Available on request
StatistaConsumer and market dataHamburg (Germany)– Consumer data
– Industry and market reports
– Market trend research and analysis
$860 USD/month
Magnet, Inc.Brand positioning researchProvidence (RI)– Ideation sessions
– Creative services
– Brand positioning
– Product development
Available on request
OvationMRB2B and healthcare audience researchNew York (NY)– Brand tracking
– Concept testing
– Market segmentation
Available on request
BrandwatchSocial listeningBrighton (UK)– Brand management
– Crisis management
– Content marketing
– Influencer marketing
Available on request
City Square AssociatesMarket research and strategic consultingCambridge (MA)– Branding
– User experience
– Economic impact
– Feasibility testing
– Strategic planning
Available on request
Ascendancy ResearchEnd-user and consumer recruitingMinneapolis (MN)– Recruiting
– User research
– End-user collaboration
Available on request

Still don’t see consumer insights companies that’ll put an end to guesswork while finding insights? Schedule a demo to see how Attest makes it effortless to discover business-critical consumer insights.

1. Attest

Attest consumer insights company survey example

Attest is one of the top market research companies that make data collection effortless with online surveys. This consumer insights platform lets you gather reliable data from 125 million people in 59 countries. The best part is that you can reach hyper-targeted audiences with demographic targeting and qualifying questions. Using Attest, you can also analyze consumer behavior or study market trends through focus groups. 

Every data point goes through three-layer checks apart from human and machine-learning-model-led reviews. So, you’ll always have consistent and reliable data to fuel decision-making and business growth. Plus, you can have survey data in less than two days on average, thanks to Attest’s mixed panel research methodologies. 

And with Attest, you’re not alone! Every Attest customer has access to designated research advice from the Customer Research Team experts. Whether you’re new to research and need some direction, or a research pro who just needs a second pair of eyes on your market research project, Attest has you covered!

Attest is the right choice for marketers and insights professionals looking for the best consumer insights platform. Check out what our customers have to say about us before taking our word for it. 

Direct-to-consumer flower delivery brand Bloom & Wild relied on the Attest platform to discover how their UK-based consumers perceived red roses on Valentine’s Day. The data revealed that people were more keen to receive thoughtful gifts than they are to receive traditional ones like red roses. 

The survey that we ran on Attest really helped give us confidence in the decision to stop selling red roses. But also, with strong stats like that, we were confident that we’d have a compelling story to take to the press that would help us on that goal to being the most talked about brand.

Charlotte Langley, Brand & Communications Director at Bloom & Wild

As Charlotte says, the insights helped the brand grow sales 4x and receive 51% more press coverage with the No Red Roses campaign. 

Location: London (UK) and New York (NY)

Pricing: Free trial available, pricing on request.

Best for: 

  • Brand tracking
  • Consumer profiling
  • Creative testing
  • Market analysis
  • New product development

If you’re a consumer insights professional looking to partner with a market research company, schedule a demo today to see how Attest can help you get the data you need.

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2. Decision Analyst

Decision Analyst consumer insights agency

Decision Analyst is one of the leading analytical consulting and market research companies in Arlington. They specialize in qualitative research, strategic surveys, and advanced analytics, all key to optimizing brand marketing. This privately owned research firm combines qualitative research, surveys, and secondary data analysis to drive results for clients across automotive, healthcare, and retail industries. 

The team at Decision Analyst is adept at conducting consumer-driven innovation research which gets you the right insights for boosting products, services, and customer experiences. Their Imaginators® Creativity Community of 2,000+ consumers helps them come up with original ideas and convert them into ready-to-test concepts. 

Location: Arlington (TX)

Pricing: Not available

Best for: 

  • Simulation
  • Ethnography
  • Product testing
  • Concept testing
  • Global research
  • Sales forecasting
  • Economic analysis
  • Advanced analytics
  • Shopping research
  • Operations research
  • Marketing optimization
  • Full-service market research

3. Surveymonkey

Surveymonkey consumer research platform

SurveyMonkey is a market research leader specializing in online surveys. It can be used for qualitative or quantitative research targeting employees, target markets, or customers. The platform lets you find insights from 175 million respondents in 130+ countries. Researchers and insights teams use SurveyMonkey to get quality survey responses in minutes.

SurveyMonkey also offers bundle services and support to those looking to streamline marketing research services. The team strives to keep your data confidential with enhanced security measures, such as single sign-on (SSO) and data encryption.

Location: San Mateo (CA)

Pricing: Starts at $384 annually

Best for:

  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Polls

4. Latana

Latana brand performance and consumer insights software

Latana is a brand performance tracking platform that makes it effortless to track brand performance. This market research solution enables users to uncover insights related to brand awareness, purchase drivers, and market size. Additionally, the intuitive industry insights dashboard helps you visualize survey data for accuracy and precision.

You can use Latana to segment audiences, analyze competitors, or create industry benchmarks. Various industries, ranging from e-learning to cryptocurrency, use this platform to gain customer insights and improve business performance.

Location: Berlin (Germany)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand performance research
  • Industry benchmarking

5. Toluna

Toluna consumer intelligence platform

Toluna is one of the leading market research companies that offers real-time consumer intelligence. The platform uses trusted methodologies to conduct qualitative and quantitative research services and uncover insights from their global panel of 40 million respondents.

Industries ranging from automotive to retail leverage Toluna to brainstorm ideas, answer complex research questions, and discover new business opportunities. In addition to innovative methods, they also support research programs with insights from domain experts.

Location: Norwalk (CT)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • New product development
  • Brand health analysis
  • Survey solutions
  • Advertising and creative understanding
  • Market testing

6. P&K Research

P&K consumer research company

P&K Research is a sensory and consumer research company that serves businesses across verticals like food, personal care, and beverage. Their market research services help companies meet product and brand goals with consumer testing. Apart from qualitative and quantitative research, they also offer traditional and in-context research to gather consumer insights. 

P&K Research also owns product testing and consumer research facilities in Chicago, New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Each facility is equipped with semi-private sensory booths, discovery labs, and focus group suites. 

Location: Chicago (IL)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Online research
  • Needs exploration
  • Prototype screening
  • Concept screening
  • Product/concept fit
  • Package assessment
  • Product optimization
  • Product claim validation
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Consumer and sensory insights
  • Early-stage consumer understanding

7. Quantilope

Quantilope consumer insights and survey platform

Quantilope is an end-to-end consumer insights platform that automates advanced market research delivery. Their customizable quantitative and qualitative research methods give you results within five days. 

The artificial intelligence-driven quant platform gathers high-quality insights with 10+ automated methodologies. Moreover, the tool features automatic analysis and reporting capabilities that help you make decisions faster. Their AI-driven video research solution inColor helps you supplement data and numbers with qualitative insights from real consumers. 

Location: New York (NY)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Price perception testing
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Brand association research
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Consumer preference research
  • Product concept comparison analysis

8. Insider Intelligence

Insider Intelligence consumer insights company

Insider Intelligence is one of the top market research companies in New York. They offer data analysis, forecasts, and benchmarks to help companies land the right strategy for success. Businesses use these reports to understand market trends and make confident business decisions. This marketing research firm caters to different industries ranging from health to advertising to ecommerce. 

Besides in-depth reports and forecasts, they analyze proprietary data and 3,000+ third-party data sources to offer you takeaways on key trends and topics. The firm also offers industry KPIs for you to benchmark and optimize performance against industry standards.

Location: New York (NY)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Industry KPI reporting
  • Industry benchmark reports
  • Consumer behavior forecasts

9. Comscore

Comscore consumer insights company

Comscore is a consumer insights company that helps you unlock business growth with insights from multiple data sources. This marketing research firm specializes in delivering cross-platform audience insights with cookie-free predictive, contextual predictive targeting solutions. You can also use their services to get real-time data and actionable insights from the social media landscape.

The cross-platform audience analysis solution is ideal for measuring audience viewership across channels. Leading businesses in financial services, automotive, and technology use Comscore to get a comprehensive view of how viewers consume cross-platform media content. 

Location: Reston (VA)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Market research
  • Audience measurement
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Digital business analytics
  • Mobile network analytics

10. Statista

Statista consumer and market insights company

Statista is a leading consumer and market data provider which also offers research and analysis services. Their key research capabilities include global consumer survey, market benchmarking, and consumer market outlook. One of the key strengths of Statista is its large data repository which offers reports on 80,000+ topics ranging from retail to travel to consumer goods. 

Leading companies use Statista Consumer Insights to run consumer surveys, benchmark KPIs with brand profiling, and track trends. Offering insights from 500+ industries in 55+ countries, Statista remains the go-to choice for consumer statistics. 

Location: Hamburg (Germany)

Pricing: $860 USD / month

Best for: 

  • Consumer data
  • Industry and market reports
  • Market trend research and analysis

11. Magnet, Inc.

Magnet Inc consumer insights firm

Magnet, Inc. is another leading market research and consultancy firm that helps companies build the right brand strategy with consumer insights. The team has deep expertise in discovering critical insights necessary for optimizing communications and building brand loyalty. They can also help you boost sales or acquire new customers faster with the right brand positioning and audience segmentation.

More than 200 brands trust Magnet, Inc. for strategic market research for branding. The agency offers many market research services, including creative development research, ideation sessions, and creative services. 

Location: Providence (RI)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Ideation sessions
  • Creative services
  • Brand positioning
  • Product development
  • Audience segmentation
  • Creative development research

12.  OvationMR

OvationMR audience insights company

OvationMR is a B2B and healthcare audience research company offering insights to researchers, agencies, and organizations around the world. Their key capabilities include brand tracking, NPS surveys, and concept testing. The team at OvationMR is experienced at building sampling plans with different sampling methods that give you the best results. They also conduct online surveys and consumer panels to help you collect data points. Other services include survey programming, survey design, and reporting. 

Location: New York (NY)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Brand tracking
  • Concept testing
  • Market segmentation
  • Consumer and B2B surveys and panels

13. Brandwatch

Brandwatch social listening and consumer demand research company

Brandwatch is a social listening platform that helps you monitor brand and research consumer demand across social media channels. You can use consumer behavioral data to assess consumer opinion and create social content. This platform also keeps you ahead of the competition with AI-driven trend discovery. Moreover, you can manage all social networks and engage with customers from a single platform. 

The consumer intelligence module helps companies discover and categorize feedback, complaints, and opinions on social channels. You can easily analyze historical and real-time datasets with the built-in AI analysis tool. Brandwatch makes it easy for you to listen to the voice of customers across social platforms. 

Location: Brighton (UK)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Market research
  • Brand management
  • Crisis management
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Stakeholder management
  • Social media management

14. City Square Associates

City Square Associates consumer research and strategic consulting firm

City Square Associates is a marketing research and strategic consulting firm. They help media companies, educational institutes, and community-based organizations discover and apply consumer insights. Besides media and not-for-profit research, they have worked with a wide variety of industries ranging from health sciences to financial services. 

The team at City Square Associates makes it effortless for you to conduct primary research, pilot testing, and in-depth interviewing. Other qualitative and quantitative methods they use include focus groups, survey research, and ethnography. They also offer business strategy consulting services such as stakeholder consultation, strategic communication, and program evaluation. 

Location: Cambridge (MA)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for: 

  • Branding
  • User experience
  • Economic impact
  • Feasibility testing
  • Strategic planning
  • Media buying and planning
  • Concept and product development
  • Creative ideation and development
  • Media and technology usage trends

15. Ascendancy Research

Ascendancy Research firm for consumer insights

Ascendancy Research is a leading recruiting form that helps brands reach and recruit consumers and end users. They serve businesses looking to maximize brand confidence with strategic consumer insights. Other services include survey design, advanced analytics, and fieldwork.

Their end-user research services help you validate user needs and understand what features they need to do their job. They also offer end-user co-creation and user research support services to offer real-time user feedback during prototype testing.  

Location: Minneapolis (MN)

Pricing: Available on request

Best for:

  • Recruiting
  • User research
  • End-user collaboration

Which consumer insights agency or company is right for you?

Finding a flexible, user-centric market research platform or consumer insights agency requires in-depth research. Although we’ve provided you with a list of top consumer insight companies above, finding one that’s right for you may still be tricky. 

The most powerful platforms are the ones that combine custom research capabilities, artificial intelligence and data professionals. Having these three means you can do custom research and obtain quality data, while data scientists and artificial intelligence handle the analysis and reporting.

Attest ticks all these boxes. The platform offers you continuous insights about your target market, making it easier for you to find data for making decisions. Plus, you can easily avoid panel fatigue by filtering the audience you want in a survey. Finally, you get insights analysis which helps you look at the fine details and reach concrete conclusions.

Want to put Attest to the test? Sign up for a demo and see how we take the guesswork out of consumer research.

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