Bloom & Wild used customer insight to increase Valentine’s Day sales by 4x

D2C flowers brand Bloom & Wild used consumer research to find out what people really thought about red roses on Valentine’s Day, which resulted in record sales growth.

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London, UK
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The Bloom & Wild team had doubts about red roses on Valentine’s Day. They thought they were cliched and didn’t support their brand ethos of helping customer to show they care. Based on this assumption they wanted to know what UK consumers thought.


By carrying out research among their target audience, Bloom & Wild found the results backed up the doubts they’d had internally. 

We found that 79% of people would prefer to receive a thoughtful gift rather than something traditional, like red roses. 58% of people thought red roses were a cliche. And they actually came bottom as the least favourite gift that people had received for Valentine’s Day. So that gave us confidence that we had correctly sensed growing reluctance towards those sort of Valentine’s Day cliches.

Charlotte Langley, Brand & Communications Director at Bloom & Wild

The data showed this was an opportunity not only to improve the product offering and experience for customers, but also to generate press coverage for Bloom & Wild all under the No Red Roses campaign.

The survey that we ran on Attest really helped give us confidence in the decision to stop selling red roses. But also, with strong stats like that, we were confident that we’d have a compelling story to take to the press that would help us on that goal to being the most talked about brand.


sales growth


more press coverage


most talked about flower brand


As a result of the No Red Roses campaign, Bloom & Wild enjoyed their biggest ever Valentine’s Day in terms of sales. They also achieved their goal of being the most talked about flower brand.

We secured more press coverage than any of our key competitors. And, importantly, we generated some brilliant conversation in our social channels as people shared the beautifully thoughtful demonstrations of love they’d experienced. We were thrilled that the message had clearly resonated with our audience.

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