Three Ways to Use Attest

29 Apr 2020 Webinar


Liam Leahy

Client Experience Representative – ACE


Things are changing very quickly these days. It is ever more important to take the time to plan your next steps as a business, and to build a strong, data-led strategy to ensure you deliver on your goals. 

Whether you are a Marketer, Insights Professional, Product Lead, or Creative – Attest will help you do just that.

In this webinar, ACE’r Liam Leahy will draw on his experiences working with Attest’s roster of clients to take you through the three most popular ways to use Attest to future-proof your plans. 

He’ll be walking you through how to use the platform for:

  • Brand Tracking
  • Creative Testing
  • Product Development

For each specific use case, Liam will unpick:

  • Key features of surveying each 
  • Why businesses choose to use each one
  • Common features of each use case along with a brief run through of common questions asked about them
  • What you can gain from using them
  • Tips and tricks on how to best run them

If you are curious to know more about how Attest can be used, and are dedicated to supercharging your growth in 2020 and beyond – secure your spot, now!

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If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Apr 2020

3 pm BST