Webinar: Introducing the New Standard for Consumer Insight

15 Jan 2020 Webinar

Hillary Wild-Hirons

Manager – New Business


Beth McGarrick

Product Marketing Executive


The market research landscape hasn’t changed in years; many brands still rely on data that is expensive, outdated and opaque. And the alternative, if you don’t have the time or money to commission research agencies, is to sacrifice data quality for a quick turn around.

Neither of these scenarios give brands what they need; there’s always a choice between having good data too late to do anything about it, and having poor data at a moment’s notice. We wouldn’t base important business decisions on either. 

But there’s a third way, the Attest way. In this webinar you’ll hear where Attest came from, and what our version of market research looks like; a world where any person, in any brand, can ask their target consumers questions and get actionable insight returned in a matter of hours. Discover the bright Attest future your brand could have. 

You will learn:

  • What the new standard for consumer insight looks like; how your brand can achieve the balance of high quality, actionable research, without waiting months for it. 
  • How you can democratise insights across the company, to invite consumers into every business decision, making sure you create a brand, products and services consumers love.
  • How it works, from drafting surveys through to analysing results, and the expert support you can expect along the way.

For marketers, researchers, innovators and strategists, from brands of all shapes and sizes, for anyone dissatisfied with the outdated status quo for consumer insights. Join our New Business Manager, Hillary, and Product Marketer, Beth, to discuss the way Attest is shaking up the market research scene, and how easy it is to get started collecting bespoke research. 


If you have any questions about this webinar, please contact Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Jan 2020

3 pm GMT