The UK Public’s Reaction to Coronavirus Part 4: Getting Back to “Normal”

10 Jun 2020 Webinar

Your Presenters:

Stephanie Le Geyt

Product Manager


Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro

Director of Client Experience


As we move into the summer season, and what has now officially been declared as the downturn of COVID-19 in the UK, conversations are pivoting towards getting back to the new version of ‘normal’. 

The UK is well into a period of lockdown that has never been seen before, and this has had unprecedented impact on the economy. Here at Attest, we believe it’s more important than ever to be undertaking research to directly ascertain how your consumers are feeling, and what they want and need from brands. We’ve led by example, launching three nationally representative surveys at key times to capture a snapshot that will help to shape many future business strategies.

In the fourth instalment of our Coronavirus series, we will reflect back on the responses from our first survey, undertaken back in March, as the noise surrounding the disease was rising. We will then compare what has changed as well as posing new questions on what the Public feel the future holds.

Attest Product Manager, Stephanie Le Geyt, and Director of Client Experience, Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro, return to host this interactive webinar and dissect key stats in real-time.


  • Current anxiety levels of the public 
  • What good is predicted to come from the COVID pandemic
  • Trust levels of the government
  • Perceptions around COVID-19 testing
  • Travel plans for the end of 2020
  • What the public are most keen to be doing once lockdown is lifted

Join the session and discover what current public sentiment means for your brand as we head towards an uncertain future. 


If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email Lucy Chapman.

Date & Time

Jun 2020

3 pm BST