The Performance Brand | 2020 Book Launch

30 Sep 2020

Your Facilitator

Meagan Healey

Director of Brand & Communications


Join Attest for an exclusive virtual launch party, celebrating our trailblazing new book, The Performance Brand.

For decades, Brand and Performance Marketing have been uneasy bedfellows. But as most companies embrace the necessity to engage with both disciplines well, there is untapped potential in applying the principles of Performance
Marketing to Brand Building.

Here at Attest, we’re passionate about making the case for a closer link between the two. We’ve been developing this book for the past year, gathering insights and ultimately illustrating 15 case studies from leading marketers who have systematically built and nurtured a consumer brand, including Oracle, Gousto, Semrush & JustGiving.

Hosted by Director of Brand & Communications, Meagan Healey, this unique launch party includes:

  • A live panel discussion with leading brand marketers who contributed to the book
  • A keynote session from an industry leader
  • Interactive polls, live music and more! 

Leave us afterwards with:

  • An exclusive free digital copy of the book 
  • Golden tips from our speakers
  • A buzz for building your own performance brand 

See you there!


Date & Time

Sep 2020

3 pm BST