How Fintech PensionBee Used Data to Drive the Creation of a Fossil Fuel Free Fund

29 Jul 2020 Webinar

Your Presenters:

Priyal Kanabar

Customer Research Manager


Lewis Quinn

Account Manager


Join PensionBee’s Customer Research Manager, Priyal Kanabar, and Attest Account Manager, Lewis Quinn, for a retrospective on how PensionBee drove the creation of a ground-breaking solution to consumers’ calls for change in the investment space.

PensionBee strongly believe that everyone should have control over where their money is invested. With the world being in the throes of a climate emergency, they received feedback that suggested people were no longer willing to have their funds invested in fossil fuels. They wanted to do something with this feedback, hence their new fossil fuel free fund.

In order to make sure they were shaping their product around real needs and preferences, PensionBee wanted to validate anecdotal feedback quantitatively, to then inform their decision-making going forwards.

Join Priyal as she dissects the PensionBee process for driving innovative solutions to consumer problems:

  • How to draft an effective survey to ensure a high engagement and response rate
  • How to share your findings across the business and get internal buy-in
  • How to translate insight into action when it comes to innovative solutions to new problems

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Jul 2020

3 pm BST