A Changing World: Exclusive Insight Into F&B Consumer Trends for 2021

11 Feb 2021 Webinar

Your Presenter:

Tamer Abouleinein

Sales Director


Elliot Barnard

ACE Client Experience


The global pandemic has changed lots of things – among them how we eat, drink and shop for groceries. It’s also highlighted the importance of a sustainable food industry. 

In Attest’s latest piece of research, we explore how the events of 2020 have shaped consumer behaviour and attitudes and what this means for F&B manufacturers and grocery retailers in 2021 and beyond.

Using data from 2,000 US consumers, collected in January 2021, we look at the food and drink trends set to dominate this year and the challenges and opportunities these present. 

Elliot Barnard, Client Experience Executive at Attest leads this session, presenting key findings from the research to help inform your marketing, R&D and overall business strategy.

You will learn:

  • How Americans’ priorities are changing when it comes to important issues like sustainability and food safety.
  • How changed shopping habits have created opportunities for e-commerce, D2C sales and subscriptions.
  • What the outlook is for consumer spending on food and drink and which categories will benefit. 
  • Ways your brand can support consumers to earn their trust and loyalty.

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Date & Time

Feb 2021

5 pm GMT