The Beginners’ Guide to Data-Driven New Product Development

We’ve teamed up with innovation experts Andrew Shanley, Senior UX Designer at Amazon and Braeden Watts, Senior Lead Service Designer at IDEAN to show you how to use consumer data to transform the NPD process.

The Beginners' Guide to Data-Driven New Product Development

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What’s inside?

  • A 9-step framework for developing truly consumer-centric products and services
  • How to use consumer insights to de-risk the NPD process
  • Downloadable survey templates for gathering the data you’ll need
  • Pearls of wisdom from Amazon’s Andrew Shanley and IDEAN’s Braeden Watts

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Bringing a successful product to market is hard. Bringing a second successful product to market is even harder. When the time comes for you to innovate on your existing offering and expand your range, doubts might start to set in….

What if you don’t have any ‘good’ ideas? What if your idea doesn’t have enough demand in-market to make it successful? What if consumers think the new product/service is out of step with your brand’s existing offering? 

When you’re putting substantial time and money behind new product development (NPD), these are worrying questions.

To help you go about NPD the right way and de-risk the process, we’ve teamed up with innovation experts Andrew Shanley, Senior UX Designer at Amazon, and Braeden Watts, Lead Service Designer at IDEAN, a global design studio working with clients like Ericsson, Cisco, British Gas and Bayer. 

They’ll be providing invaluable insights as we talk you through the 9-step NPD process and show you how using consumer survey data can not only reduce the risks involved, but also inspire new ideas and products you’d never dream of in a boardroom. 

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